That day, I can't explain how much I wanted  to hug him tight
Tight enough to let him know that I secretly want him to stay
Stay with me only if I wasn't cheated
Cheated so unjustly... But not by my love...
Love was cheated upon by my imminent fate...
Fate who played the nasty game
Game in which I was destined to lose
Lose every treasure I ever had.
Had with me all my life but now ready to be stolen by Fate
Fate had no feelings for me And termed "me" heartless.

हाथों की लकीरें भी कितनी अजीब होती है.... मुट्ठी में तो है, पर काबू में नहीं। #anadiplosis This Challenge is about starting the next sentence with first word same as the last word of previous sentence! This is called Anadiplosis. Challenge started by: Sneha Dewani Hope it might fit the challenge! Have a look! :) #YQbaba #fate #love #cheat #unfair #unjust #treasure #steal

15 JAN AT 22:35

If you ever feel life is unfair, think of those who fail in an EVS course for not submitting their assignment!

#unfair #YQbaba Not my story, but this happened to a friend😝 By the way, EVS refers to Environmental Studies/Science😓

1 JAN AT 17:04