If Life is a PowerPoint presentation
And each day its slides
The theme without a doubt -
"How many achievements have you unlocked?"

I couldn't resist. After all the particularly depressing posts, I needed to do something uppity after all. Lame attempt on my part though 🙈 The word here is #theme and the cover art is from Legion (the new TV show airing on FX). #yqbaba

15 MAR AT 17:17

Dearest Writers,

Participate in the following two contests while I shortlist the best posts for word of the day. 

1. The word of the day is CHARGE. Use it in your story or poem or one-liner to charge the creativity of your followers.

2. Fill in the blank: The address of my __________________.

Use #charge for word of the day. Use #myaddress for fill in the blank. Use #YQbaba for my followers to discover you. Winners of #theme are: Yogesh, Ritika Nagpal, Abhinav Nair, Anushka Dass, Sharvil Shah, Prashant Pundir, Gaurav Maurya, Arun Kumar, Arwa Mustafa Turra and @chintoo agl (not able to tag) Note: We don't announce best entries for fill in the blank and others inside #2, because it's hard to call something original as half of it is used by all. Many come up with common stuff. Also, it's quite cumbersome to go through so many posts. P.S. Join our FB family group and meet the writers whom you like and get interviewed by us.

14 MAR AT 20:23