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Me during history study

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24 MAR AT 12:46

I remained a virgin,
Waiting for you,
Wanting to be tasted,
Between your lips,
You came & held me,
I made you enjoy,
Till the core,
Sacrificing myself,
But what did you do?
Threw me down,
Once used,
Stamped me to death,
I would never forget
My betrayal,Mind you !
I live inside you
As a ghost,
Slowly or painfully,
Your death is mine,
Remember ! 
Dare you touch me again...

#photoquote Life of a cigarette & it's revenge ! ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

19 MAR AT 9:18

On the bed of roses, lying was she
With the thorns of her life, hidden in the petals, yet she felt so cozy, as the feelings 
Inside and outside were ALIKE & BALANCED!!


18 MAR AT 10:36

My clock ticks with 

Paradox in LIFE. We live with wider yet narrow stretch. Struggling with right and wrong Good and bad Happy and sad Love and break Real and fake #photoquote #YQbaba #life #reality

16 MAR AT 11:41