love between us

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23 FEB AT 21:16

They always hated each other.....they were like opposite poles......there choices can never match.....until that day when two hands fall on same book.......


20 FEB AT 0:51


Unintentionally acquired;
in which the person starts learning sentences he/she reads anywhere in the aftermath of having to mug up 'Julius Caesar' during the 10th boards exam.
May last for few months to years.

[PLEASE READ THE CAPTION BELOW.] Yes, I passed my 10th with ICSE board & I would literally learn sentences for months from newspapers as an acquired trait.😅😂 I hope people can relate to it. Those who can't, are advised to look up the 10th board English literature question papers where just 1-2 lines were hand picked from the whole of the novel & related questions were asked. You could only answer if you knew everything happening before & after it. It was a complete disaster.😂😂😄 PS: No prizes for guessing who topped.😎😜 #YQbaba #juliuscaesar #novel #syllabus #boards

19 FEB AT 23:16

Heaven is, when the smell of the new book reaches you opening up your nasal functions,the touch could gift you with the atmost purity, the cover of it could attract the scintillating eyes,and the toggling heart to grab it up, the back of the book could satisfy with the summary of the content gathered inside, and the prologue could announce the world that you have opened up your wings of imagination, and finally your facial expressions could add a cherry to it, and their stays your heart hoping for words to play a game enough to capture your emotions,bind up the feelings and make you fall in love with the words and most important those fictional characters knocking your heart and author occupying your conscience,again and again..❤

#yqbaba "initiating a challenge, challenge to write a percept towards the love of the books,or what phase does the reader goes through ,before reading a book.." ❤❤ #novel #reader #passion #readingislove #booksHeaven..❤❤ Further nominating Harsh Snehanshu Sneha Dewani Safura Arshi Baig Abhinav Nair Prem Kumar Chanda Ankur Chouksey Sheerin Naz Ayena Makkar Girdhar Seema Srivastava Sakshi Garg Saket Garg Varun Pandey Abu Zeeshan Nikitha Pandey Piyush Saini Komal Sharma Hitesh Joshi Ayushi Dauneriya Abdul Khaleeletc etc.. open nomination, feel free to accept it and tag me 😎😎

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