The one who never said goodbye

#chapter - 3

#YQbaba #NaNoWriMo #nanowrimo #theonewhoneversaidgoodbye #college #love #romantic #romance #friends #friend #novel #novella #chapter3 CHAPTER-3 As after every dusk dawn comes and vice versa after every dawn dusk comes. After that dusk a new dawn came to my life. After break up Mariya started talking and remaining more with Rishi and Nilesh. And that’s the day I proud my decision of remaining with Mariya no matter what. My days started getting better, bright, joyful and full of laughter. I got what I had dreamt of, Rishi’s company. I was ecstatically happy. Nilesh was a very good human being. He is 5’4”, healthy, fair, frank, humorous. He was used to cut jokes every time. Sometimes Rishi also cut jokes. And I loved his jokes, they were so funny and I laugh extra hard on them. Mariya, Nilesh and Rishi talk all the time and I used to remain silent most of the time and only open my mouth to laugh. I barely talked, because I remain busy in admiring Rishi. Noticing his expressions, trying to understand which things made him furious and which made his mood light, memorizing everything about him. And of course, I was happy very happy because Rishi was with us, with me all the day, he talked and laughed with us and that means a lot to me. I didn’t remember exactly when we became a group, four of us. But we started remaining with each other all the day. Doing the same things we five used to do. One day Rishi didn’t come to college, I got worried why he didn’t come? Hope he is alright… All negative thoughts started to come to my mind. Then after sometime I finally asked Nilesh why he didn’t come today? He said he is busy at his clinic, then I got a sigh of relieve, nothing bad happened to him, I was worrying unnecessarily. But I wanted to talk to him and luckily I didn’t have his number. In break I went to girl’s hostel of our college with Mariya to had lunch and pick her books for next lectures. We used to did that daily. And when Mariya went out of her room, leaving me alone, I did some snooping. I took her mobile, unlock it, found Rishi’s number and save it in my mobile. I was feeling so nervous while doing that I can’t explain. Hands were trembling, palms sweating, but I can’t ask her so I have to get it this way. Because I was missing him badly and wanted to talk to him. So I got his number this way. As soon as we reached back to college I made an excuse of forgotten something and went away from her, and with trembling hands I call him. Tring tring…. tring tring…. tring tring Pick up pick up Tring tring…. tring tring…. tri- Hello (My heart filled with joy by just hearing his voice). Hello (I became that happy that I forgot I had to answer also). Hello h-hell-oo who’s this? Rishi? Ruhi? (My heart flattered by hearing my name in his voice). Yes.. Hi! How are you? I’m alright. Why didn’t you come to college today? I was stuck up at my clinic Oh! I got worried so I- There’s nothing to worry Ok I have class now (I don’t want to end the call but I couldn’t miss the class also). Is this your number? Can I save it? Yes Thanks, now go bye. See you tomorrow I managed to say bye only Then I took a sigh of relief, I didn’t know I was holding a breathe. Mission exchanging numbers accomplished. I was VERY HAPPY, he recognized my voice. I reached cloud nine. And I almost danced in public. I forgot where I was and I had a class to attend. So, I bunked the next class and went straight to canteen. There I sat and just start imagining him. How his voice was so soothing yet my heart was running a Marathon. He got surprised at first but later happy too. I felt like I met him and talk to him in person not on call. I imagined him talking to me and a shiver ran down to my spine. How could someone has so much effect on someone? I wondered. But whatever it was I was feeling wonderful after talking to him. I became alive. I wanted to share my feelings with someone but I had no one to whom I could trust. Mariya? No never, she will made fun of him. Pari? No, she’s so immature. So, I remain silent and kept my feelings within my heart. Still I couldn’t define my happiness in words, he saved my number. I have his number. Now I can talk to him anytime. I started feeling him every time, everywhere and in everything. Its like he was around me, with me 24×7. And that feeling was simply awesome, one can’t define it in words, we can only feel it. With time our friendship start flourishing. I started talking to him and we started communicating by text chats and sometimes we called each other too, but didn’t talk much, because I got nervous and if I talk much he will catch my nervousness, which I didn’t want to happen at all. And there was one more thing I didn’t like, he had to took bus at 4:45 pm to reached his home and our last lecture finished at 4:30 and sometimes at 5pm, so he talked to teacher and he gave him permission to leave the college at 4:15, so he just wave us a good bye and it hurts that he had to left without properly meeting. I hoped it hurts him too. Everyday after reaching home I did a crazy thing, I started imagining him with me. I imagine he was eating, studying, sleeping with me, roaming behind me, talking to me. And while doing this a constant smile remains on my lips, like it got glued on my lips. If I was sad, his name only was enough to cheer me up. If I was happy, his name only was enough to made me grinning like a fool. I was happy in my own bubble. But as you all know happy days doesn’t remain forever, so the same happened with me too.

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