Mrs Dimesworth: Mrs Stone has had a divorce. I'm most surprised. 
Sir Billy: Why divorce is the birthright of every American! It was Peter's very first. I'm proud of him
Mrs D'Worth: Oh Billy, you're a master at giving your bigoted thoughts an air of universality!
Pollock: I think monogamy is to be blamed. While it is not against mankind, it is certainly against man!
Mr Dimesworth: Oh! I agree to what you say Dear Pollock. 
Mrs D'Worth(outraged):
William, let me remind you that you're my husband. You should not subscribe to such radical thoughts in my presence. 
Pollock: Yes, William. 
You ought to know how to lie. The secret of successful relationship is in lying to one another until one's teeth hurt. 
MrsD(furious): You certainly don't understand women Mr.Crawford. 
And how many relationships have you been into?
Pollok: I most certainly do. I've been into many. And William, mark my words. Lying is indispensable to happy relationships. 
Sir Billy: You forget to mention "the not getting caught"  part.
Pollock: Oh, that is a requisite too obvious to be mentioned.
Mrs D: Then pray William, how often have you lied to me? 
Mr.D: NEVER darling! 
Sir Bill: You're a quick learner Will.

Rustic summer evening- 3 gentlemen and a lady sitting at a table adorned with sumptuous food- In the background is a beautiful pond, with ducks perambulating, and the cedar trees completes the picturesque setting. Cast: Mr and Mrs Dimesworth (D'worth) Happily married couple. Pollock Crawford (mutual friend) Sir Billy (mutual friend) PS My first attempt at play writing. No likes anticipated. 😂 #YQBaba #yourquote #life #love #philosophy #marriage #playwright #woman #words #comic