Me tere angan ki pari hu maa
Jo mehka de pure baag ko vo kali hu maa
Muje jine do me boj nahi hu maa
Me ek insaan hu kisi ka sook nhi hu maa
Tere ghar ki me laxmi hu maa
Muje jino do me boj nhi hu maa

Teri god may me bhi khelna chahati hu maa
Tere anchal may me bhi chupna chahati hu maa
Teri daat kha kar me bhi rona chahati hu maa
Tera hath pakad kar me bhi chalna chahati hu maa
Muje jine do me boj nahi hu maa
Me tere angan ki pari hu maa
Me tere angan ki pari hu maa....



Failures made him confident
Hurdles gave him strength

Taunts filled him with courage
Criticizing him didn't weaken him

But he grew stronger to face the world


21 APR AT 14:02

Each and every creature in this universe has its own time which can't be exchange, reduce or increase...
Everyone's time is as unique as everyone on this planet..
Some people can be successful at the age of 6 bt not satisfied with life until 60 and some can't find their passion until 60 and still feel satisfied with whatever they have from 6 ..
That doesn't make anyone successful or unsuccessful..
Learn to live your life according to your time and priorities..
Don't try to fit your life in timeline framed by others..
After all, Time is the entity created by humans only...

#Let your time and life only be yours...Don't live according to other's timeframe of age and success....

20 APR AT 0:11