Don't grow up be a fool.
Remember you are here for a time!

#growup#YQbaba#remember#time#fool believe me u get nothing to grow up.enjoy ur life .go and play with children love your life.be a fool ..

24 MAY AT 8:56

Dear "cool" people,
                                  You call yourself cool but aren't doing anything other than to "go with the flow" of being "cool". You think taking relationships seriously, being emotional, showing love, being ambitious, respecting others makes you soooo "uncool" for the society and for your friends. Making fun of the people unalike to you is what you find cool, showing your attitude towards them, critising them, bringing them down is what you find "cool". But cool are those who still don't want to be "cool" inspite of everything... Cool are those who are themselves and don't ever change it for anyone.. You make fun of them for something they don't know, but I bet they know much more than you in other fields which aren't as "cool" according to you. You call them backdated.. you call them dumb...
What else can you do to fit in those four letters?

Buddy, do you realise you aren't yourself anymore... You're just "cool"... You're owned by that word... And one day when it's too late you'll look back at those times and realise that you weren't ever cool... You were just another fool of the common..
                              ~ a concerned observer

#YQbaba #cool #beyourself #fool My letter to all the "cool" people.. সোমদেব চাঁদ নাথ dada inspired by you!😍😎😘

15 MAY AT 22:41