An open letter to not 
people, but their 
Conscience and Inner Self

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I, I am not a known face to most of you. In fact, I don't even own a particular face or dignified identity in the eyes of world. I am the voice of a Syrian refugee. Wondering what made me break those shackes of numbness after all these years? It's been a long time since 2011, isn't it? Still wondering about what exactly I need to say? Well then, you'll probably keep wondering. Because it's really not easy for me to give words to all the torments I have lived with for every single moment. And no, I am still not used to it, for I live under inflaming terror of losing my scanty life. I appeal not to people, but to their Conscience and Inner Self because I still have somehow managed to believe in them. I know people react on temporary emotions, but only Conscience and Inner Self could try to understand my agony. By that, I never wish for any Soul in this world to go through my inflictions and trauma, for I know the pain of counting every breath under persistent threat. I just want to say that I am tired. Tired of being a puppet in the hands of tyrants. Tired of losing my loved ones. Tired of being so scared of being a victim to another attack. Tired of losing my identity and face. Tired of being unceasingly subdued. Tired of running away from my home and country. Tired of being a pitied Syrian refugee. And all I yearn for is a peaceful, normal life. Nothing else, I promise. ------------------------ Drishti 03, thanks for nominating me. And I hope I have been able to give my contribution towards the endeavour. I can never understand their pain, but made an attempt to give Syrian refugees a voice. #YQbaba #SyrianRefugees #SyriaCivilWar #pain #terror #home #country #peace #identity #face #struggle #Conscience #InnerSelf #suffering #torment #arthub #BoostThyself #BTtalks #yourquote #tpmd

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