'Sherlock,' he said,
'Is the smartest man
I have ever heard about!'

'He, or his creator?' I asked.

And as I finish off the season 4 finale today, I was thinking about an article I read long back. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had been envious of his own creation purely because Sherlock was getting all the credit he deserved. One of his stories actually meant to question Sherlock's deduction, but it actually turned out to amuse fans even more. Isn't it true? We always forget the men and women who work behind the scenes to create what we love and can never get rid of. Honestly, everyone would know who Sherlock is, but would everyone know Sir Doyle? Numerous adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, but there are still people who don't even know Sherlock Holmes was originally a book. Think about it! #Sherlock #Author #YQBaba

16 JAN AT 22:40