I am basically telling you this so that the next time a seven-year-old asks you that are we unhappy with our life, we say no, we are not. 
Life is a beautiful thing.

"Are you unhappy with your life?", my little cousin asked me yesterday as I sat crying. I smiled back at him, loving the concern a seven-year-old has for me. "I suppose all of us are. Aren't we?", I replied. "Yes. I think so that most adults are sad. My sister also has changed with time. Earlier we used to play a lot and laugh a lot but now she is more like you.", he said, with a dejected face. More like me? What does that mean? Am I clinically depressed or do I emit negativity? You know, these thoughts lingered in my mind, as I lay down staring into nothingness. Maybe we all know what that is. That, staring into nothingness, that point where you changed from an over enthusiastic toddler to a stark blot of negativity. So coming to the point. Why am I posting about this thread? About this conversation of mine with my cousin. I am posting this because it made me realize something about unhappiness, about satisfaction, about, you know, this battle that many of us are fighting. So I ask you, "Are you unhappy with your life?" I suppose you smiled. Now ask yourself why are you unhappy with your life? Failed relationships? Broken friendships? Two faced people? Poor grades? The pressure of becoming something different? That was my list. Many of you might have a longer, a more sad list, which might make me think, for a moment that my sadness is meagre, is puny, is frugal, but you know what? It is not. Not yours, not mine, nor of your friend. No one's sadness is puny. Sadness ain't something tangible, something that can be compared. I am sad. End of story. You cannot tell me, not to be sad because that is like telling someone who needs water, not to be thirsty, or someone who is so much in pain, not to die. But let's pause a bit and observe, just for a moment. Are the above-mentioned things really the major cause of our sadness? The answer would be a no. You know what is the major cause of our unhappiness? That we think about happiness too much. That we pursue it as if happiness is something tangible, something that can be earned. It is not. We are in the present, but we fear about our partner leaving us. Why? We do not score well and we get demotivated and tell ourselves that we ain't worth shit. Why? We see our best friend enjoying more with another person and we start thinking that things are not the same any more. We start getting jealous. I ask you one simple question. WHY? You know what? Sometimes it is ok to stress yourself a little less. Stop thinking about the what ifs. You do not even know that you will be alive tomorrow. Live in the present for some time. Enjoy the laughs, the nature, the lovely people you are meeting today. There might not be a more beautiful day than this one here. You know I am not telling you that planning for things or thinking about your relationships is wrong? It is human. The thing I am telling you is to plan till it does not eat you up, till it remains a plan and not a pressure cooker or a self-destruct button. I am basically telling you this so that the next time a seven-year-old asks us teenagers or the adults that are we unhappy with our life, we say no, we are not. Life is a beautiful thing. That life, my friend is a beautiful rainbow, that it's a colourful sky, that life is that girl's smile, that life is getting beaten up for a friend, that life is failing in tests and laughing, that life is you and that life is me. #books #book #read #reading #reader #page #pages #paper #instagood #kindle #nook #library #author #bestoftheday #bookworm #readinglist #love #photooftheday #imagine #plot #climax #story #literature #literate #stories #words #text #YQBaba

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