Nobody taught me how to live but somehow I survived!!
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Nobody taught me how to live but somehow I survived!! In this rough and tough world nobody will teach you how to live or survive. You have to survive on your own. You're a fool if you desire to get anything in return. Don't expect anything from anyone. It will only disappoint you and nothing else. If you want or desire to achieve anything in life then, just make yourself capable of achieving that. Sometimes we depend on others and when we don't get desired results we blame them. It's not there fault, it's your fault, that you thought they will surely do something for you. Don't distract yourself from your goals and be active and focused. If you're more focused and constant then you will definitely get survived. Just keep doing good deeds and you'll get desired outcomes. Just don't depend on others, learn lessons from your own life, gain knowledge from your experiences, be it good or bad experiences, because life is the biggest teacher and it will teach you everything, it's a continuing process and remains continue till you die. After all in the end, nobody gonna judge that how you survived, What matters is that you survived. #yqbaba #quotes #twg #feelings #life #survive #thoughts #age #emotions #yourquotes #writers #writings #storyteller If you like the content then feel free to follow me on other social platforms usernames are given below, Instagram: varunkumar113, Facebook: varunkumar113, Twitter: varunkumar113, LinkedIn: varunkumar113, WordPress: varunkumar113, Keep reading and keep smiling 😊🙏

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My Train Journey shows me different colors of life.

Read the caption My every day schedule was getting into that 7.06 Virar local. Every morning I used rushed to pick that train and then rushed to get into so I can get that usual seat. You know why is that my favorite seat beacause through that seat I can watch every person who is present into that train. I can see young, pale, wrinkle all age of faces who were busy in there own world. There are some regular. Some new. Some I see irregularly. First I saw a woman who always sit into that corner seat circling her legs. Bunn of her hair always looks pretty on her. Through her rough hands and her thin skinny chicks everyone can say how hard she work. A perfect working woman who is mother, wife, sister, daughter... Then my eyes always lead on the girl who of my age. She always sit in that far corner near the window. Her clothes, hairs, face can say she belongs to nice family. Everytime she is busy with some books. I can see a passion she puts to make her dream come true. Those chemical formulas she always working on I never understands. Then I always saw the group of girls laughing. All those chubby girls are might just enter into there college life. Enjoy girls this days are really precious. Then there is a woman with those white strands on her head. I can see her flesh through that small bunch of hairs. That only proves how much she had seen through her whole life. From the birth she is giving to others without any exceptations. Her bones are shaky now still she is working. Her red little hand bag show me our generation gap. But she is my hero. My inspiration to work hard. Lastly I always saw a woman I am always curious about. Might be I am still curious about her. She is always into that train before me with that hanger of clips in her hand. Regularly she is there but no one buys any clip from her. But still she get into that train at that same couch everyday. She always smiles a smile that sparkle with the sun rays. She always talks with every one with so much confidence. She didnt have life like us yet she have everything. This all women of different lifestyle, different age group, different faces, different generation showed me different colors of dreams, colors of hardwork, colors of laugh, colors of satisfaction and colors of whole life. #train#yqbaba#life#colors#dreams#women#generation#age#hardwork

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Age and Maturity 
do not wait for each other.


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