Crash down , like a meteor and
Shine above the stars .
Let the world behold with it's wide open eyes , the beauty of the meteor shower of your virtues..
Let there be a meteor shower of your true beauty..



Did you hear that?

Read the caption. Shhh... There are some sounds echoing through environment, Playing with my head, Did you hear them? Shhh... Did you hear that? Something broke, He threw plate full of food. Shhh... Did you hear that crash? Something thud on wall, My favorite vase and, Unfortunetly he missed the target. Shhh... Did you hear that weird sound? Something hit my face, His hard wierd fingers. Shhh... Did you hear that noise? Some one is shouting, Its him. Shhh... Did you hear humming sound? Some one is crying, Its me. Shhh... Did you hear that voice in corner? Its me again sobbing. Shhh... Did your hear something? Nothing... Because Its a silence of my dead soul. #YOPOWRIMO #hear#sound#crash#broke#dead#cry#soul#corner#shout#yqbaba

15 MAY AT 13:06

Scarred by life, Seeing his/her soul die in a crash scarred him/her for life.
Due to
A feverred lip, has a white hand to consolidate it.


9 APR AT 6:40

When waves of love
Tranquilize near us,
We crash our soul;
And develop emotions.
The emotions, which
Will fade with time-
Time moves on, but-
Grudges are still inside..!!

Vishal & Sneha💕

#waves #emotions #crash #YQbaba A perfect collaboration with Vishal Sharma . his words are so beautifully mixed with my thoughts as a pinch of salt is mixed quickly in water....and I'm loving it...😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊

1 APR AT 15:41

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A lot of you are trying to attempt haikus. Note haikus are about 5-7-5 syllables, not words. Google what a syllable is, if you don't know. 

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