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A lot of you are trying to attempt haikus. Note haikus are about 5-7-5 syllables, not words. Google what a syllable is, if you don't know. 

1. Word of the day is HAPPEN. Make wit happen in your stories/poems/one-liners and I will feature the best on our FB page.

2. Fill in the blank: A fool is one who ______________.

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4 DEC 2016 AT 21:42

Beneath blazing fingertips
You play love,
Crashing comets,
Down my spine
Etched with your name!

The cusp 
Of supernova
You leave my heart
Blazing with,
And your aroma
In the crevices of my skin!

#Love#YQbaba#VDC#stayUncle#crash You taste like the constellations, if constellations had one! 😘😇

29 NOV 2016 AT 5:08

She loved him with honesty only to be crashed by his lies


24 NOV 2016 AT 21:22

All my day dreaming came to a Hault
All my Desires Crashed 
When I realized I'll lose you 
If I put forward the way i felt!

Sometimes after some eventual events in your life fear grabs you tight. The feeling of love lost. Finding it all over again is a task. People who adores you aren't the one you adore the same way. And the ones you do don't adore you the same way Life is full of twists and turns. Sometimes it's hard to escape from the true feelings, though exposing them is what you fear. 😏😏 #Crash #YQbaba.

24 NOV 2016 AT 21:04