kyu reh jaati hae mohabbat adhoori kuch logo ki !!

kya socha hae kbhi ?? 

kyuki har insaan laila majnu ban jae ye mumkin nahi !!



बाहर के निशान मिटाने से क्या होगा
इस दिल पर लगी चोट मिटाओ तो माने।



The dark night,empty road, in the deep silence I waited for you even knowing you would not come, I still stood there alone. Which the darkness could not do to me the feeling that I meant nothing to you did more....!!!!



If freindship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person.
      --Abraham Lincoln

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I escape from home and go to the only place where I find solace in,the park. It has always been there for me. Its silence swallows my sobs,  whistling of wind and rustling of leaves never makes me feel lonely. To be honest, I would rather live here, than that hell-hole called 'home'. I feel a smile upon my face as I see the gate of the park. It is magical, for me atleast. As I enter, the kids playing there surround me,and hug my legs asking for chocolates. I laugh loudly, which mind you ,I dont often laugh because I feel broody almost all around the year because of a bunch of certain people.I sigh and comply to their wishes as I produce the chocolates from my pockets. They snatch all and run away laughing to play.I feel a certain sense of accomplishment as I make them laugh, if my parents couldn't understand me, atleast I better make an effort.I walk over to my favourite tree and sit under it comfortably.I open my case to take out my guitar. I close my eyes and begin humming my favourite song.I get so immersed in the lyrics that I forget about the time. As soon as I open my eyes,I see a guy, and oh man..his hair!! With midnight black eyes and wheatish skin..I stare curiously

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karte hai meri Khamooyion ko bayaan iss tarha, log apne kirdaar mein Fariste ho jese.


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