I was one sixteen year-old girl
with brown skin
and overripe breasts
and big eyes
and a much thinner waist
than my broad thighs

I used to drink poetry
and those love stories
which used to be there
in the bookshop
I visited every sunday
and with my pocket-money
bought a new book

he too used to come with me
brown hair, small eyes
much older than me
he lived by my house
and talked smooth and wise

I loved his company then
but now I know
he wasn't that sweet.


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There is no greater adventure than life's uncertainities. Endure it, Embrace it, Enjoy it.


21 APR AT 19:24

When you are saying a YES to others
                   Make sure
You are not saying a NO to yourself


21 APR AT 1:28

We named the hurricanes. We forgot the air that kept us alive. 

We love temporary things. Things that destroy. 
Because we always knew that we have somebody to fall back upon.


20 APR AT 2:08