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'All this while
your kind,
concerning eyes
helped me
to not lose hope
and survive'.

Short story- "Hope" (Read in caption) Mother always had everything we would ask for, from clothes to food & games to play. What else did we need back then? Unlike home, here we had to go down the hill to buy things. Basic necessities like food, drinking water, soaps, etc were all available but only in the town. We, me and my brother, were living in a small area in the outskirts of a village, where he used to teach and I was supposed to do the household chores because mother was no more. Daily during the trips to the town I would see an old smoky grey haired woman living on the footpath. Her eyes full of fatigue, weary face and wilting walk just compelled me to stare her everyday. Her worn out appearance were due to the mishappening elements all through her life. Due to short on resources myself I could never act upon, but always thought about rectifying her condition when I have funds. After months, one day I finally had money and rushed to find her but she was gone. Where, when, why, nobody knew. Infact some people thought of me as a lunatic, asking whether she even existed or am I cooking up a story to seek attention. Finally there came the time, I could help her but she was gone. All I was left with was a heavy heart and many ‘ifs’. If I could have come earlier, if I could have asked her to wait for me, what if something happened to her, all this was happening inside my mind. I didn't even know if ever she too noticed me all this while, or she did wait for me but was left with no time. I told my brother about her. He locked me in his arms like I was still his tiny little sister and whispered in my ear, “She's safe dear sister, I arranged for a shelter for her at an ashram she wished to be and she has given this for you”. He gave me a note. With tear filled anxious eyes I read, 'All this while your kind, concerning eyes helped me to not lose hope and survive’. The end. #Lock #YQbaba

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