There was a time
When my art work 
was corroded
Crafts were 
thrown on street
paintings were teared
Music was unvoiced
Dancing was banned
But now
I have adopted 
the art of writing 
where i paint through words
Craft through my imagination
Dance using my scribbling pen
And sings through my poetry



Friendship...It's a lifetime​ bond one can share!!

A Tribute To Our Friendship It's being almost 3 years to them together. Appy & Mona shared an eternal bond of friendship. Life is quite strange Appy never thought that Mona would be so close to her as they both were totally opposite. And now when it's high time to start a new phase of their lives Appy realised that it's damn tough to initiate something new without Mona.We share a bond beyond friendship.We are Sora ♥ for life. Our late night talks, our fights, long debates on 90s & up coming generation, Mona's singing, Appy's funky dance, our free advices to juniors & ya most important Mona's never ending talks & Appy's laugh on those stupid stuff.They both shared the cutest name Padda (Panda) was Mona whereas Badi Padda was Appy. The best part of this friendship was that they had experienced the most beautiful & earnest things together. Appy still remember that feeling of getting recruited together for the very first time in one of the most reputed international bank. And how can we forget our Adolescent infatuation feelings damn, Appy really wonder how would she cope up with all those stuff without the support of Mona.Though Appy was always like a backbone to her & more over a boost up machine. Time flew so fast. Appy has just 1month more with Mona & then a new journey of their Life will begin.They both have seen each other's caring, loving, emotional, crazy & all the sides a human can potray. People out there were jealous from this wonderful friendship. Still at the end they are together happy & blessed. In these 3 years Appy & Mona have lived their life to the fullest with no regrets only happiness in their hearts♥ Appy is going to miss Mona a lot & she loves Mona from the core of her heart which might be not possible for Appy to explain in words. It's not the END of our friendship its a just the STARTING of our NEW Life's. #sixth#story#close#to#my#heart#friendship#goals#missing#badly#love#writing


Life is beautiful in every way, it's all upto you how u look at it everyday !!



Writing can expel 
The Devil from its Paradise.

Empty mind - devil's paradise. Pls feel free to share your thoughts on this topic (if you want to). Use #writingadv. #Ybaba#writing#advantage#writingadv