Yes! she bleeds and bare the pain.
Every month for 5 days,
She bleeds glitter.
She bleeds to keep the universe going.
For, She bleeds to create a new life.

* * She bleeds* A group of boys standing behind Started making her fun, Look at that tomato ketchup stain she is flaunting - they shouted! Unaware of what was happening, She rushed to the school's washroom Saw stains of blood on her skirt Blood flowing between her thighs! Tears trickling down her cheeks, Am I going to die? - she mumbled. Hiding the blood stain from everyone, She reached home. Started questioning her mother, One by one. Mother hugged her daughter, Caressed her warmly! And said - Never be ashamed of this blood stain, For this is what differentiates you, From the man out there. This is the epitome of woman's strength. This shows we need not compete with man For strength in society, We need not depend on them, We are strong enough to take care of ourselves This Society will make you feel ashamed, That you bleed They will tell you not to enter temples, Not to touch pickles, Will put restrictions on you. Will laugh on you, if they see blood stain. Will see you as a criminal, Whenever you will go out to buy sanitary napkins. They will find it disgraceful, If you talk about periods publically. These things will make you feel so low. But darling! Remember one thing! They can never understand the pain, When we are hardly able to sit. The first day take all of us, The second day hurt us so much, Third day we are barely in a position to walk. From Headache, stomach ache, back ache, To the irritation we face. For they can just see the blood stain But can never feel the pain. Yes! We bleed and bare the pain, We bleed glitters We bleed to keep the universe going We bleed to create a new life. Never be ashamed of bleeding dark red blood. They will complain about your mood swings But! be proud that you bleed And that youcan be yourself every month for 5 days. P.S - Yes, I bleed and I'm not ashamed of it. 😊😊it. 😊😊 #YQBaba#period#taboo#woman#strong#5days#pain


"I am a feminist"

I am a feminist. Because i was born of previlage. I have a voice that reverberates from the mountain tops. A mind and body that's free , not chained. For the multitude of women who never had a chance, I proclaim "I am a feminist" "Shakthi" lost her life, She was diagnosed with a fatal condition , 20 weeks from conception, She had no penis . "Saraswathi" is well versed in the art of making chapathi's, She does not know how to write her own name. Schools mess up a girls brain, you see. "Parvati" never worried about locked doors, She lives in a slum, At 13 she knew locked doors never kept monsters away . "Ramba" was a dancer , From the age of 8 , she learned the art of pleasing men. A devdasi served her god by pleasing men. These men fed her. Though her life was hell She was garunteed a a good eternal life. "Sita" was a girl with iridescent skin, Pink stained lips , and khol smudged eyes. Her admirer from afar , offered her his eternal love, When she said no , she felt his pain and burnt with him. With a bottle of acid in her face "Lakshmi" bought wealth and prosperity , To her husband's home after marriage , But her father lost his house, To the money lender who payed her dowry. Fate played a twisted game, When it gave these women a powerful name. And took away their power to speak. "I am a feminist" Because I came from the womb of a nation With woman whose mental might Was Triumphant in the test of time. I come from a culture that glorified my sexuality , From a nation that worshipped my body. I am a true Indian woman Not a mere mockrery of one . #indian #woman #proud #poetry #culture #bharath #hindustan #yqbaba

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" I was brought up as a boy." 
She always used to say. 
Little did she know about the power 
She could be bestowed with
If, without any fear or embarrassment 
She was able to embrace 
The gift of womanhood.

Womanhood is a gift. Neither the boys are strong or the girls are weak. They have been bestowed with specific uniqueness, so that the rhythm of nature can sustain. So, better if you know who you are, rather than trying to be someone of opposite gender futilely. :) #woman #womanhood #respectyourself #YQbaba

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