Like see and saw
Annoying, Irritating, Joshing
Examplified of unity


24 MAR AT 13:16

It was the Eve of Christmas
When I reached near him
He got threatened or weak
I asked​ him to calm down
But he asked me to leave him
How could I left him
With brutal condition and freeze
He just lost his father and had cried swallowed eyes
He got some relief after I assured him
He was not only your father I also lost him
Then I gave him a sweet smile with my bright eyes
They are with us see that 🎅 Santa Clause


23 MAR AT 18:51

Show me a dream,so that when I will open my eyes I don't want to sleep back,
But to stay awake,so, that from today I will never want to sleep again,
Not because I don't want to see the dream again but because I want to change it into reality,
To work for it,
To stay awake to make it possible,
So,when I have turned it into reality, I can sleep to see a new dream,
Show me the dream as strong as my possibility of dreaming everyday,
As powerful as the beliefs we have been following since ages,
So, that my eyes won't shut down till the time I see it happening,
And so magical,that when people see it happening,they will start believing in it as they believed in fairy tales.


23 MAR AT 15:51