With dancing-thumbs,I finally acquired the courage to swipe him right..
"You have got a NEW match",
Tinder said.

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Back in school-days,he was my biggest crush. Blue eyes,shiny black hair and dimples in both his cheeks. Damn!I used to blush whenever I saw him,my friends used to tease me and make me blush more. But then school ended,and such blushing also faded soon,the butterflies in my tummy died with passing time.And I was unable to make them alive,again. But that day,something unexpected happened. Mixed feelings started floating inside my heart. Excitement,fear,nervousness,love,confusion.Everything. I didn't know what to do but then, I did something which I should have done years ago. I acquired courage,inhaled deeply and Swiped him right. YOU HAVE GOT A NEW MATCH,said tinder. My 'New match' was actually my 'Perfect match.' Like,made-for-each-other typesπŸ’“ #tinder #new #taleofamatch #YQbaba

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