A Dream Story(part3)

She gloomily remembers the day when she and her father talked about the same question.Being rich and powerful her father was a man highly affected by the principles of society. she got the respect she wanted.She had every facility,all freedom to move out or enjoy .But one thing was missing in her life .and that was "happinesss".

From the day she started understanding a bit of the world,she loved to dance ,she had interest in art,designing,creativity but these were just the desires she was not meant to fulfill.Her parents didn't like a bit of it and she was a girl born to respect them and their choises too.

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कहानी फिर शुरू होती
अगर तुम मिलने आ जाते
बनाता धुंध को ग़ज़लें
तुम्हारी शाम भर देता
ले आता चाँद को वापस
अगर तुम तनहा रह जाते
सुनाता फिर वही किस्से
तुम्हे किरदार कर देता
तुम्हारी ही रफ़ाक़त में
तुम्हे वाज़ेह कर देता
तुम्हे आज़ाद कर देता
अगर तुम मिलने आ जाते

Our story would have ended differently if you had come to meet one last time, #ख़ैरछोड़ो #story #end #yqdidi #yqbaba Kahani fir shuru hoti Agar tum milne aa jaate Banaata dhundh ko gazalein Tumhari sham bhar deta Le aata chand ko wapas Agar tum tanha reh jaate Sunata fir wahi kisse Tumhe kirdar kar deta Tumhari hi rafaqat me Tumhe wazeh kar deta Tumhe azad kar deta Agar tum milne aa jaate किरदार- character रफ़ाक़त- friendship वाज़ेह- definition