Femininity is our first-born child.

BALLAD OF A BOLD JANE. today, he asked me to explain what we women were all about. I told him this- we're blood-hungry she-wolves of a blood orange moon. we howl in unison in the midnight hour, while you squeak incessantly under your comfy sheets. we're not afraid of taints and stains, and we're not your usual alphas. we're babies with birthrights, girls of wayward smokes, women with solemn portents, saints of unconditional sacrifice. femininity is our first-born child, And together, we grow into fresh, fiery blue feminists. You haven't heard of 'fiery blue' before, have you? you know, it stands for our damned desires, painful grins, our hidden secrets, luxurious flesh, broken skeletons and our last will to stand beyond it all. remember, young man, We're here to stay, here to remain. and you may not know this but you're here to realize this all the same. #womanhood #feminism #femininity #women #female #ballad #creativewriter #creativewriting #life #spilledink #wordvomit #YQbaba #quote #boostthyself #Yopowrimo