Mama, we don't shine in the day 
Because our radium hearts 
Can only glow in the dark. 

(Full poem in the caption)

Broken Dolls When I tell her about how messed up Most of my girlfriends are, Mama says, Don't talk to those girls. Don't get too close, they're not right. But Mama, we live in a world Where no one's right in the head. We live in a world smudged with imperfection Like the kohl under our eyes. Beautifully ambiguous, fearsome! Mama, the 'good girls' that you approve of Are really all broken, body and soul, They just know how to fill their cracks With borrowed stardust and smile. Mama, we would trade our innocence, That was robbed of us, all too soon, For all the vanity in life; And trust me, Mama, it hurt us more To part with it, than it hurts you now To see us like this. Mama, we don't shine in the day Because our radium hearts Can only glow in the dark. Would you have accepted them, Mama If they were damsels in distress Rather than being their own superhero? Don't you know that no one Would ever have kissed their pain away? They still dance in the rain, Mama, And stick their pink tongues out In front of the mirror, awe in their eyes, Raspberry ice lollies in their hands. Mama, they still look for solace Huddled inside their childhood blankets, Inhaling deep, trying to find The long lost fragrance of naivety, And sigh their failures away. For once, Mama, render the ones Who damaged them, at fault; It's not a crime to spread our wings, Mama, It's only wrong to try to clip them. The cape that billows behind them Is inked heavily with transgressions They've learned to embrace, With pride, Mama, like battle scars. Don't hate on them, Mama, Just because they can't wash The sins off them, as effortlessly as You once washed the dirt off my broken dolls. #yqbaba #girls #deep #dark #noir #heart #soul #broken #crack


Miserable souls are the most beautiful souls!!!