Out of the many different
roles that we perform
in our day to day lives,
be it out of a responsibility,
an earnest desire
or simply because
the destiny has assigned us one,
some will bring us accolades, 
whereas others, only a disappointment.
But it is the ones that are denied to us
for whatsoever reasons,
that leave the greatest impact on us,
sometimes, to last for a lifetime.

But then, life is just another show that must continue to go on...
with you either
on the stage,
off the stage,
behind the stage or
sometimes even,
set miles apart,
from the stage.

Sometimes the stage just doesn't belong to us, be it as a performer, a helper or even, as an audience. #perform #show #life #yqbaba

16 APR AT 9:00

I have gone somewhere,
Two persons are in fight.
What we can do,
Ok bye bye good night


10 APR AT 22:46