Life is a story and we are an Unknown Author of it.

#YQBaba #ShortStory #UnknownAuthor #Lucknow #LucknowLitFest "Switch off the lights." "Simply keep your mouth shut. I am studying ." "I need to get up ahead of schedule tomorrow." "Where are you going?" "Lucknow" "Lucknow! For what..?" "There is a book launch of Amish Tripathi's novel 'The Oath of Vayuputras' at Lucknow Literary Festival." "Freak man! Have you gone nuts?" "Yes, I am, so simply keep your mouth shut and switch off the lights." This is for the first time I am attending such an literary event, so I was very much excited. **** Following day, I woke up early in the morning and started getting ready for the artistic fest. After travelling for a two hour journey in the train, I at last reached the station. I hired an auto for Indira BhawanVibhuti Khand. The driver charged me 200rs as the fare. It took 45 minutes to reach the event. He dropped me at the gate of the event. I forwarded my steps towards the auditorium where a discussion session was going on by Vinod Mehta, discussing about his book and his life. I remained behind the seats and began looking here and there for an empty seat, yet I didn't discover any. Abruptly, my eyes halted at one point where I saw a young lady standing against the wall. She was looking so beautiful that I couldn't remove my eyes from her. She was holding a small purse having her cell phone. She was typing something on her phone. Her curly hairs were flowing down over her face that was disturbing her. She removed those by her right hand. I was looking at her continuously as my eyes felt great. After some time she kept her phone inside the purse and started listening to Vinod Mehta. She began glancing around and surprisingly ours met. Her eyes attracted me towards her. We both took a look at one another for a moment. She saw around then that I was staring at her constantly….. I felt like I started liking her from the very first moment I saw her. She had a super enchantment that pulled in me. I saw a lady coming towards her and aaked: "Ma’am, please sit down." She was a volunteer at the Lucknow Literary Fest, however she declined and offered it to an old man standing just next to her. I liked that quality of hers. I began adoring her; yes it is what is known as love at first sight. As the time was passing, the auditorium was swarmed by more people. The discussion of Vinod Mehta got and the crowd started waiting for Amish Tripathi. Everybody was sitting tight for Amish Tripathi, writer of the acclaimed book 'Shiva Trilogy’. I had heard a lot about him, yet I had never read any of his books nor seen him. After some time, the discussion session began between Amish Tripathi, Jugal Modi, and George on the theme disentangling the youthful personalities. Everybody's eyes were on the stage, but my eyes were on that young lady, whose name I don't know yet. How crazy was that….! I began adoring her without withstanding anything about her. Truly that was absurdity in which you start adoring one whom you don't know about him/her yet. Ahh… that was brilliant. 'Does she have a boyfriend …?' I asked myself in the light of the fact that every beautiful girls are already reserved. May be this beautiful haven't been reserved yet by anybody. Whatever it is, I attempted to know her name. But how...? I saw people asking questions Amish and he was answering them effectively. I needed to pose one question however I was faltered. I needed to awe her and would not like to lose any shot. Before posing any question, I heard a sweet voice from the same corner where she was standing. I turned my face towards that corner and what stunned me was that, it's she who posed that question, she had a sweet voice. "How did you get your publisher?” she asked Amish. "My publisher, Westland, is great. When I was working on my first book, everybody said that it was on mythology. Nobody had read it, however my publisher, Westland, gave me a positive response. With his support I could write so many more books." Amish said with a grin and asked about her name. "Shivalika Agarwal." She said in her sweet voice. At that point Amish went passed the question to Jugal Modi. "Same was with me. My publisher, Harper Collins is great and strong one. I wanted to work with him." Jugal said, and after that he enquired about her: "What do you do and where are you from?" "I am from Varanasi. I am a student of B. Tech, 1st year. I am too writing a story, wish it too gets published soon and I too turn into someone as like all of you as an author." She said with a trust in her voice. Both Amish and Jugal wished good luck to her. By that I became more acquainted with her name and what she is doing. She impressed me a ton. At that point, I brought up my hand for my question. Everybody's eyes were looking at me despite the fact that I had a simple question for Amish. "Why are you just expounding on God Shiva?" "I am a great devotee of God Shiva." He said with an adorable grin. I saw that she was looking at me when I was asking Amish. After some time the discussion session got over. All began strolling towards the exit door. I saw that she was walking towards the same door. We both approached each other at the exit door; we touched each other surprisingly. She looked at my eyes, by that we had a nearby contact. Likewise, we both turned out and strolled towards the main gate. All of a sudden, I looked for her,but I didn't discover her. I began looking for her, however didn't discover her any where . I didn't know at that time what happened to me and why I was beginning to look all starry-eyed for her. In the wake of seeking about her all over the place, I sat down as I got tired. I drank water and took a deep breath; however my heart wasn't feeling great. I saw a young lady a bit far away from me wearing same dress like her and having the same figure. A charming grin went ahead my face and ran towards that young lady, however when I went close I found that she wasn't my lady. I felt miserable and my heart was similar to crying, I felt as though I had lost something so vital and valuable to me. I realized that I'm enamoured yet how I could meet her. I began seeking again here and there, and after a long battle I discovered her. She was having snacks and relaxing. I grinned, yes I grinned on the grounds that from thirty minutes I was seeking like simpleton and here she was enjoying snacks. ‘Wicked Numbskull'. She took a look at me yet I refused to say any word to her. I bought few snack packets from the same shop as well, and sat before her. We were looking at each other, except all of a sudden a call interfered with our eyes contact. She strolled to a noiseless spot conversing with somebody. I followed her, reasoning that on the off chance that she gets lost then truly I gonna kick the bucket. Thus, promptly I did likewise move, I took out my phone as though conversing with somebody, as well, and started meandering around her. By that she was before me and could know whom she was talking and what she was talking. I got so near to her, abruptly she got quiet and I saw her discouraged and tensed while talking. Right then and there numerous considerations started running in my mind...Maybe she had a boyfriend. Goodness, then she was likewise held… ….. It was a conjecture and perhaps I wasn't right. I saw her as yelling over the phone by her motions and demeanours by her face. After 30 minutes, she hanged up the call and came towards me. She utilized her hanky on her eyes, gracious she was crying... She approached me and asked: "what's your problem Mister?” I was all the while doing likewise as though talking over the phone. "Are you saying me.? I said while removing my phone from my ear. "Yes, I am talking to you," She said furiously. "See, I have seen you since morning. You were watching me and now tailing me, so tell what your issue is? Why are you aggravating me? What do need from me?" she said and began crying. She sat down and began crying. She asked so many questions in the meantime. I didn't comprehend the motivation behind why she was crying. I asked her: "Why are you crying?" "That is not your issue to worry about!" she answered yelling at me. "Alright, however please stop crying. I am sad on the off chance that I had done something wrong, I simply wanted to talk with you, yet in the event that you don't need then it's alright. It would be ideal if you stop crying." I said and offered her a bottle of water. "You can let me know whether there is any issue." I said with a grin. She took out a water bottle from her bag and began drinking from it. She felt better and stopped crying. I gave her my hand to help her keeping in mind the end goal to stand up, however she declined to take any assistance. Why young ladies have that kind of state of mind…? I asked myself. "I am not going to tell anybody that you have taken my hand to hold up." I said and she began snickering and extended her hand. I held it and pulled her to stand appropriately. "You are not that much terrible I was suspecting …." She said. "Hmmm, I came to realize today." I said. "You are an interesting guy." She said and began giggling uproariously. "Yes, I generally attempt to join the joker's tryout, yet every time I fizzled." I said with a snicker. "Insane!" She said. We left the place soon. It was night and the sun was setting down, dim was spreading around. "Can we be friends?" I asked her and extended my hand towards her. "I don't do friendship with insane people” She said that and shook her hand with me. "Alright, I am Hrideyansh Kumar from Jhansi. I'm seeking my b.tech in textiles from Government Central Textile Institute ." I said with certain. "Noteworthy! Do textile people have enthusiasm for writing? It sounds very bizarre." She said. "Perhaps… if young ladies as you do composing…." I said and winked. "You are attempting to awe me fellow, then no possibility." She said. "No. Not precisely. I am attempting to wind up great companions, yet you consider being sweetheart. That what you are considering." I said. All of a sudden, her phone rang again and intruded on me. She grabbed the call; she strolled 4-5 stages far from me to talk. She began crying again after she hanged up the call. I got some information about the reason; however she declined to let me know. She came to me and said: "you need to turn into my companion, take me to a spot where there is quiet and peace all around, then." I took out my phone and began looking about such places in google. I discovered a few restaurants and a few inns' names however couldn't take her there in light of the fact that these spots are swarmed. I recalled a spot, once my companion let me know about. We took an auto to Indira Dam. We reached there in 30 minutes. I paid the auto rickshaw. We strolled 10 stages more and came to the spot. Night spoke the truth to begin, the sun set totally. I felt around then there was amazing hush around us. We both sat at the Gomti Waterway and began looking towards the surface. We both were getting charged out of the hush and all of a sudden after a sometime she ended the silence and asked me: "Do you have a girlfriend?" "What sort of question is this?" I said taking a look at her with huge eyes. "Try not to be bashful. Your dad didn't ask that question. Just friends who ask such senseless one." She said with a grin. "No… I don't have." I said. "Why" she asked. "Searching …” I said and kept quiet. "Haha… there are many young ladies around the globe and you are as yet seeking!" she said with a snicker. "Is it true that you are holding up somebody from Mars?" "Not precisely, simply need somebody of my sort." I said. "What is your sort? Are you looking about some interesting sorts of young ladies?" she said. "Much the same as you." I said and investigated her eyes. I felt as though I hurt her. I said to learn and I saw her eyes loaded with tears. She approached me and held my hand firmly. "I know I have a fantasy to turn into a creator, however perhaps it is not going to be conceivable." She said. "Why?" I asked her with perplexity. "Nothing, Abandon it." She said. "How about we go. It's past the point of no return, I need to return back home." "You live in Lucknow, then why are you in a rush?" I said. "I am not that sort of girl who returns home late." She said. "Great, I like that." I said. "It was an extraordinary time with you." She said and left. "Along these lines, are we friends now?" I inquired "I'll consider that… “She said and strolled for some time, then turned back towards me, gave her charming grin and said: "Yes" "What sorts of fellows do you like?" I asked her. She didn't say anything and left there. I about-faced home, as well. After that I began pondering her however how I could meet her. I didn't know anything about her with the exception of her name and her place. I searched her name at Fb, however I discovered a rundown of numerous young ladies with same name. It was hard to locate her like that. At that point I began going through the profiles of the girls one by one. I sent requests to a significant number of them however neglected to send others as a result of security settings. I trust that she could be one of those whom I sent. In the meantime I thought possibly she didn't have a account at fb, I made a decent attempt to discover however with no positive reaction. **** One day, I was at home and a knock was there at the door. I opened and saw a courier from the name: Shivalika Agarwal. I got it and opened it in a rush. It was a manuscript and a letter with it. I read it, "Dear Hrids, It is my incomplete manuscript which I need to publish yet proved unable, on the grounds that I have cancer and it is in its last stage. I have little time left in this life; perhaps I will leave this world in whenever. You solicited me what kind of man I like, I need to say that I like the interesting fellows like you who set aside a few minutes. I wish I can let you know that I missed so much the little time we had. The time that I had gone through with you was uncommon and huge. I wish we can meet at the end of the day. I need to say that you are the ideal one for me and need to carry on with my existence with you, yet this can't happen. Around then you made me understand how wonderful the life is… I got your request at fb, however I didn't acknowledge just not to hurt you. I trust that you just can finish this manuscript and accomplish my last longing of turning into an author. I need you to dependably grin like that. Love you. Shivi." Subsequent after reading the letter, I got to be numb, I began crying out boisterously. I lost her without getting her. I kept myself detained in a dim room and cried a considerable measure. I overlooked her craving; each time I pondered her I started crying more. I would not like to talk to anybody; even the grin vanished from my face. My parents asked me considerable times about the explanation behind what valid reason I was crying, however I didn't let them know anything. They got agonized over me and took me to a specialist. The specialist let them know he got an shock. One month passed and I was similar to that, seeing her in my fantasies consistently. One day I was in my room. My friend, Sahil, came to me and enquired me what was the problem? I cried a lot in front of him. He embraced me and let me know: "What was the issue? I can't see my companion in pain?" I didn't say any word and began crying. As he was doing a reversal, he discovered a bit of paper in terrible condition. He opened it; it was the same letter which was sent by Shivalika. He read it and afterward came to me to talk, however I cried more. He began looking for the manuscript till he discovered it after quite a while in my closet. He placed the manuscript before me and read the letter uproariously. I recalled that her fantasy of turning into an author which I overlooked it completely. I wiped my tears and embraced my companion. I expressed gratitude toward him for reminding me about her fantasy. I grabbed the manuscript and began reading it from the beginning. I read it and found that it was fragmented; the last two sections were not composed as said in the book record. The book spoke the truth about her biography in which she discussed about her own life. I read the summary where she had composed till Lucknow occurrence. It was one of the troublesome and saddest consummations of any novel I have ever read till date. I began composing the twentieth section which was the last part of the novel. Tears felt down from my eyes while writing. After I completed it, I started crying boisterously. I altered the entire manuscript and sent it to numerous publishers; I acted that for the benefit of her name. Following 3 weeks I got a call from one famous publisher who said that he enjoyed the story and particularly the last section. He offered me advance payment, which I declined to take it, and he asked to sign an agreement. I did the same. Around the same time, I got numerous messages from publishers who wished to publish the novel, yet I answered by sorries and let them know it had been as of now chosen by a publisher. Following two months, the book was in the market and accessible on every single online entry. I was upbeat to see that I could satisfy her fantasy of turning into an author. The book hit the markets and the first version was sold amid a month time and turned into a national bestseller. The book got numerous reviews from reviewers and bloggers. It was designated for some recompenses and truly won the grant for the best fiction of the year. The book was known in the universal markets, as well. One day my publisher called me and said: "the readers need a signed copy by the writer." "It is not possible." I said. "Why?" the publisher said with disarray. I kept quiet for a while and said: "On the grounds that the writer of this book is no more on this world. I had just written only the last part and whatever remains of the book had been composed by an another person. I simply made her fantasy worked out as expected." I said and began crying. I hanged up the call. I signed a copy, "Dear Shivi, With affection, Appreciate reading. I am coming to meet you in your reality where we will live respectively joyfully. Love you. Regards, Hrideyansh" In the last part, the guy kills himself and meets her to live with her. He took the poison which he brought day before from the chemist... ***


My eyes drop to his lips, he catches me. He swallows deliberately and my eyes follow that movement shamelessly. But, before I can fix my erratic eyes his hands tilts my face up and his lips fall lush over mine. Urgently claiming, coaxing them to open so he can dive in deep. He tastes like his morning coffee. Black coffee was never my favorite, after today though I'll be its addict. His hands take my nape, pulling my hair free of its tie, using my hair to guide my mouth under his. He owns the kiss. When he's done I don't even feel myself. "Were to next? " he asks, rubbing my lips. "I don't know, without destination seems to lead me to good places" I say innocently, he chuckles. "No destination then." he says, kissing me again, alternating pace while driving me crazy, making me tingle in places indecent. I feel my toes curl in my boots as my hands curl on his jacket, pulling him closer. I'm sure I'm leaving nail marks in his leather, I honestly don't care. When he comes up for air, he peppers butterfly kisses on my lips like he can't get enough. That's mutual, I smile into his kiss. It feels like fantasy and reality can wait. 
Oh my.. my! Love just knocks me out.

~ THE END And, that's a wrap! :) Thank you so much for all your love and support for #RheaVsLove , means a lot. Click on #RheaVsLove to read it in sequence. I posted three parts today FYI! :) #YQBaba #shortstory #THEEND 💕



                (Story in the caption)

: Heii Megha, leaving so early ? : Half-day , informed Sir already ---intentionally she gave a short answer to Aditi's question. It's a special day for her. So, she didn't want to waste even a single moment. After reaching, she started decorating the room. Otherwise he'll say , " Megha, you are too lazy darling. You could not make a beautiful arrangement for even today. Hihi". A smile appeared in the corner of her lips. Suddenly her eyes catched the little Barbie doll wearing pink frock . "This is you. When you become angry you look exactly the same" , he told while gifting it to her.... And her heart flied to old days. 7 years back ,8 February, 2010 . That first introduction of theirs. Introduction!! Naah .. It was a fight. Rushing from the opposite direction he poured his cup of coffee on her dress carelessly. : Oh my God. I didn't see. I'm extremely sorry Miss. Really sorry. :What the hell do you mean by "didn't see" . You walk with your eyes in pocket or what ?? You spoiled my dress. How can I go for my interview like this now?? Only 2 hours left!! :Oh, no. Do you have an interview now ? I created trouble for you really. Come , I'll buy you a new dress. : No thanks. I'll go back home and change it . But why will I accept a dress from a stranger? :See ma'am, if you go back home to change you'll miss the interview and if this happens I'll feel really bad. She chose one , took his contact number to return the money, threw a thank you and went for interview. And what a surprise!! She got the job. She felt if he had not helped her that day she could not have got the job. By the way, it was his mistake only. She dialled his number. :Hello :Hello, who's this ? :On whom you poured your coffee cup today ? :Ha ha , yes , how was your interview? :I've got the job . But I called you for a different reason. Please don't say no. Can we meet once more ? I wanted to return the price for the dress. :It's ok if you don't give . But if you want , then I'll take it. Congratulations for the job. Where can we meet? :CCD , at 5pm tomorrow? This time, I'm inviting you to drink coffee only, ok , not to pour. :Ha ha , ya , ok. Hell !! They talked for so long but still she didn't ask his name . She thought of calling him again for a second but next moment decided to ask him the next day. He reached before her . She approached towards him with a smile. :I've not asked your name yet - the question that was in her mind automatically came out of her mouth. : Ya, Imran , Imran Hussain . Yours ? :Megha Sharma. So , what do you do ? :I'm working in a company here. J. B. Constructions Pvt. Ltd. :Oh really !! Great . I got the job in that company only. :Really ?? Will meet frequently then. She returned home. If it were their last meeting!! Why did they meet again and again !! And just because they met it was not necessary for that to happen. If they could be friends.. Only and only friends..... The human heart. The little red organ under the ribcage, there exists the feelings, the emotions, the happy moments and the sad ones. And there are some pictures. Pictures of people that you love. Why does she always see him with closed eyes? Why does he see her in his dreams every night? This is impossible! This is sin ! Society does not accept it. But the soul does not accept the society. Why the wrong thing seems to be so right ? Probably this is the eternal feeling -- Love, which does not understand any restrictions. She thought of a name -- "Anuraag"-- the love of the whole world constitutes here in this name. And see, how all the restrictions are removed. There are no burdens anymore , remains only love.... "I keep wandering among the clouds, And fly from one rose to another, Like a little sparky butterfly. When you say 'I love you'. " Suddenly, Imran came one day to her, :If I do this 2 year course in US, then I'll get better scope. :But US?? That too for two years? :Don't worry, Megha, two years will pass in a blink of eye. :Ok then , if you're saying so I won't disagree. Take care. The tears that came rolling down of her eyes brought her back to the present. She removed the old garland from Anurag's (Imran) photo and put a new one and kept a cup of coffee in front of it. :Anu, it's 8 February. The day we met for the first time. At least come today. Come Baba, pour the cup of coffee on my dress. I won't say you anything, I won't scold you at all. Please look at it once , everything is decorated in the way you love. Anu , come once please, only once, just once , please...... And she bursted into tears . That's Megha . I'm seeing her through my open window. I know this waiting of her knows no end. How can her Anurag return ? The flight that carried him to US took him to another world and from there no one ever comes back. Still , if the power of her love may bring him back, if her voice can reach him ; with this hope she calls him on this special day . But no , even the flood of her tears won't bring him back. What will happen to her? Is she going to spend the whole life alone like this ? Family abandoned her . Still .... Probably this is love , true and pure love, no selfishness, no lust. It's sacred love..... And Christiana Perri pours her heart in my laptop again, "I've died everyday waiting for you. Darling, don't be afraid, I've loved you, For a thousand years Will love you for a thousand more....." ©Mridusmita 😊 P.S. : I wrote it long back in Assamese when I was in 11th standard. Changed a few things while translating. 😊 #shortstory #love #YQbaba 💗


She was waiting for him to come after two long years. She was eagerly waiting for this day, when he will ring the doorbell. Hours came and went , but he didn't turned up, she was quite restless then suddenly a note beeped on her mobile " I love her very much. Boarded next flight to meet her, see you soon. Love u".

She forgot all her agony and started weaving a new dream for her daughter in law. After all she was a mother.



I met a girl, a blossom of blue,
She was so sweet and her heart was true..

We started our lives, with everything witty,
Even without makeup, she looked so pretty..

The starting days, the love was on peak,
Just for a glance, we went so freak..

Hand in hand, we walked together,
Feeling the Love, as if now or never..

Soon we shattered and so our dreams,
Flowing down our cheek, melted creams..

Then we decided to meet and separate,
As we can't live longer, as a soul-mate..

That day of Gold, the day so pure,
The mighty love, for Us to adore..

The shining stars are fading now,
Feeling you near, in my heart somehow..

The days have changed, the feelings like sea,
No quarrel, No thinking & No bad luck for me..

This is what you always meant to be,
Like shedding leaves from a bunch of tree..

As the day of our separation arise,
Some feelings may break & some may rise..
So i just Want to Gift you something disguise..

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Hey, “I always want us to be together in every mornings ray, But now I hate it and adjourn it in every way.. It's just as a star has fallen down from skies, It's just like the strings that separated from their kites.. Love didn't worked between us even after a hard try, So finally it's unfortunate, but it has to be a GOOD BYE.. Even thinking of this is creating a trepidation in my mind.. Fearing, shaking and breaking me inside.." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #Love #Story #shortstory #separation #divorce #departed #morning #true #truelove #YQBaba #twg A small extention to my entry to allpoetry universal competition years back and stood a healthy stand. Hope you all like it. A short sad love tale. #VividVarun #SpreadSmiles #RespectWomen © vividvarun

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