A question from her
An answer for her lover
Agreement to some
Doubt for another
Feeling for one
Disappointment for other
Sometimes one's consent
At times to express boredom
Okay, How can you hold so much power?

A simple four letter word #okay which we use when things are okay or not okay, when we agree or we can't think of anything else to say, when we make a deal or post as your status #okay #wordchallenge #word #todayschallege #wordfortheday #writings #NaPoWriMo #YQBaba #yqbaba #yqbabachallege #Poem #myquote #mypoemz2017 #InspiringThoughts #thoughtfortheday #MotivationKeepsUsGoingStrong #me #philosophy #lifelessons #shortstory #shortstories #tinytales


    Best friend

(Continued in caption)

I remember you were wearing a green top and light blue jeans, the first time I saw you. You had a frivolous expression that day. First day at college right? I didn't experience any time dilations But was having some kind of numbness I wanted to speak with you, but never stood for. Faith had something else, destinies are planned. Soon the other day we were placed at the same branch. Incidentally, we grew friends and maybe best friends ? I remember those movies and talks we had over some popcorn and a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I never understood that feeling which caused the numbness earlier. Not late till I discovered. The time when you got into a relationship with that nerd glasses. I tried hard to show no change in my demeanor. Even started wearing spectacles. But the eye has its issues, it is a ruthless bastard who doesn't obey the brain. I had lost many chances in my life. Didn't have the strength to loose you. I still wanted to enjoy those late night fights over who was better Chandler or Ross. But soon they got replaced by blank texts and your online statuses. I never had thought this much before texting you. But the backspace was having better of me. I wanted to ask you, " Can I take you out someday " . Instead would write, " Thanks for the mechanics notes ". Maybe this is what best friends are. You will have your best memories with them, but would share them with some other person. Who will creep into your life like a wanton wind. #YQBaba #fiction #bestfriend #friendship #midnighttales #YQDidi #chances #macrotale #shortstory #story #diptabrata Follow #that_someone for more short stories