Cleansify your emotions 
To Sharpen your mind
Problems of the universe
Will itself go blind!! 😉😉


21 MAR AT 19:24

Dear Writers,

1. The word of the day is LAST. Use it in your story or poem or a one-liner and create stuff that lasts. Language no bar. Post as a quote, not a comment.

2. Fill in the blank: Meanwhile, in the other room, _______________

Use #last in caption for word of the day. Use #otherroom (note the two 'R's in #otherroom) for the second challenge. Use #YQbaba for my followers to discover you. The winners of #sharp are: Aditya Kurdekar, M Joshi, Sara Jothi(brilliant), Shagun Singhal, Kirti Jain and umar farook, Abu Zeeshan, Harsha Singh, Sumaiya Irshad, Jyoti Gadhvi (best), Angelica Silva, shraddha pawar, Shrey Saxena, Utkarsh Kumar, Arshi Dokadia. P.S. Writers from Jaipur, Lucknow and Mumbai, there's an Open Mic happening in early April in your city where you can read out your prose/poetry in Hindi or English. Join our FB group to know more. Link in my bio.

20 MAR AT 20:10

चंद नुकीले लफ्ज़ो ने तेरे दिल पे मेरे वार किये है ऐसे
कि हर ज़ख्म तेरा मेरी ग़ज़ल का शब्द बनता चला गया


20 MAR AT 17:28