Stopping the comparisions with others
To focus the desires of life and smother
Dreaming the fumes of hopes for happiness
And the serendipity will fulfil the wishes bringing liveliness...


10 MAY AT 15:18

I never believed that everything happens for a reason until 
you happened to me!


6 MAY AT 15:50

I found a perfect synonym for "Love"

"YourQuote" it's called.


Dear YQ, "What's Love according to a writer?" Well,let me start then. Love is something that needs to be felt, Rather it's a town where emotions dwell. You fall in love,love rises you, Ironically, this truth is realised by few. Love is something that gives you inner solace, Love is something that works without backspace. Love is something that makes your surrounding beautiful. Well,Love never forgets to make you dutiful. Love is something that gives you confidence,not over but adequate, Love is something where no one is first no one is late. Love gives peace,love gives happiness. It heals your deepest scars and elevates your craziness. It is the passion that completes you. It is the umbrella that always protects you. It's the sweetest tune, It's the deepest poem. It's your lifelong companion, Be with friends or just be alone. It defines togetherness and the feeling like the family. Where you are not judged for being witty or silly. And you know what's the best thing about this fulfilling love? It will transform you to be a better person which you behove. YES this is LOVE,which will make you Love your life instead of just living Eternal it is,will increase more on giving." -- "This kinda things only exist in your novels and poems..The "Love" you mentioned is all about fantasy.Nothing of reality." -- "Serendipity! I found this "Love", or rather this "Love" somehow found me. Call from within! found it's way. "Yaay, it's YOUR QUOTE, THE PERFECT SYNONYM OF LOVE,you can say. So,this was my #tributetoYQ Basically, this attempt of mine was nothing compared to the amount of "Love" and "Gratitude" I harbour for this app,(oops) I mean family.... But Love is abstract,right? So it can't ever be measured by quantity. I ♥ YOURQUOTE is all I can end with. Best challenge ever by Nivedha Jegan... Honestly grateful to you for initiating this challenge. Prem Kumar Chanda,Varun Pandey Thanks a lot for the nomination. Harsh Snehanshu How can I forget to thank you!You made my life better...Now,proudly I can say "I LIVE AND LOVE MY LIFE,instead of just EXISTING" Yes, It's YQ,the perfect synonym of Love. Passing on this challenge to Ritika Punjabi Jai Kumaar সোমদেব চাঁদ নাথ Laxya Tokas Brati Biswas Ayushi Roy Indhumathi Nagarajan Sara Jothi Snehil Prakash Mohit Chaurasiya Sachin Dhingra Nikitha Pandey Debashis Sarmah Prerona Chatterjee Srijit Panja Shweta Suman Vinshika Jain Piyush Saini Niharika Karan Bhaviya Koul Ayushi Kainthola Saket Garg Anushka Diya manali ghosh Apurva Khandar Paayal Vashisht And everyone here🙈🙈🙈🙈 Ignore,if already done. If not,guys go for it...this is possibly the best way to pay your tribute...💜 #YQbaba #aishwarya_theobscureheart #tributetoYQ #tributetoyourquote #YoPoWriMo #4 #theobscureheart_aprilpoems #serendipity #TOH_letters

6 MAY AT 2:34

I wonder,
who saved whom?

Tribute to YQ! A part of night, spent on yearnings for ears.. Other part, on hesitance.. Knocked Serendipity! I wonder, who saved whom? #tributetoYQ #YQConfession #YQBaba #serendipity #shapepoem #love #YourQuote #yellowheart #newchallenge Thank you Harsh Snehanshu Ashish Singh YourQuote Baba YourQuote Kanmani ❤ How about making this as a challenge? Well! Here it is. Quote your tribute to YQ! Sayoojya Ramesh Nikitha Pandey Anubhav Das Prem Kumar Chanda Shrey Saxena Maha Devan Ayushi Dauneriya Sara Jothi Anubhav Srivastava Saurabh Pratap S Singh Devipoornima Nair Sakshi Vashist Jehan B Kothari Indhumathi Nagarajan Moni Muthuchamy Mahathi Anand Bharath Nandibhatla Tag with #tributetoYQ Others, feel free to participate! Come on! Send your love to YQ💛 PS: My YQ activation code was 'Serendipity' ☺

3 MAY AT 23:21

One day i would write 
Letter to each and everyone
Who is/was part of my life
Beforw I die...
To my parents
And to my kids..
..to my teachers
And to my students
To my lovers
And even to my haters
To my admirers
And to my competitors.
To my sorrows 
And to my pleasures..
They all made my life
They completed my life..
They nourished me
And they polished me
Each and every time 
I get even better...
Then I would put all of them
In a bottle..
And flow them in an ocean...


22 APR AT 21:28