The mirror was not statuesque enough
for the girl 
to let her see her tall frame
However when she went far enough
She could sense her whole attractive form in it
But all her flaws were zoomed
only when she was closer
which could make her even more statuesque 

So the choice was either
..see herself as statuesque 
and get happier 
..or..blindly allow to become more statuesque 
without happiness 
But , with satisfaction 

You can't see how great you are
when you are in making..

- Sampraja

Thank you very much Akarsh Kala for nominating me #statuesqueBT#BTtalk#tpmd#YQbaba#YoPoWriMo #Mirror#science#you #YoPoWriMo

25 MAY AT 16:25

Within the elastic limit the deformation is rubber , while beyond that limit the deformation is plastic .

In relations , within certain limit the deformations are reversible and beyond that limits the deformations are irreversible .

In phy, plastic deformation --> irreversible process ; spring does not regain its shape on removal of force ..while regains in rubber deformations Physics resembles life #physics #science #life #relations #YQbaba #tpmd THE PHYSICS LOVER

24 MAY AT 0:26