Because you could be the strongest, the meanest, the most vile person everyone would see and nobody would ever know.

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Moment of Weakness || 03.05.17 I woke up. Swept the house inside out and got my workout. Showered, prayed, helped with breakfast for two and did the laundry. Played with the dog and when I decided I had gotten myself dirty enough, started to cook rice for four. The two of us, the dog and the crows. Had mangoes after lunch as I stated blankly at the idiot box, only to soon return to feeding the dog his lunch again. The only joy after a long hard day's work evident from his repeatedly licking his mouth. And then came teatime. And then yoga time. Prayer time. Finally some dinner and on to some awful karaoke. And then you showed up. Like a glimmer of a diamond in the rough, I reached out, hoping for a sign that perhaps things had changed. And when I realized at last, that nothing ever would, it was only then that I finally did let up. I went to bed early because I didn't want my feelings to get the better of me so I can wake up again, tomorrow, and repeat this routine. #yqbaba #twg #momentofweakness #strength #routine #everyday #positivitelyempty #ajrambling #mygoldenspringtime

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