Pick up the Phone
Pick up the phone,
It's such a simple thing,
You'll just hear the ring,
And say hello....
Pick up the phone,
There's always time,
Cause once I was your gentleman,
Who can do no crime...
Hearts fail,
When I hear your voice.
Tangled tales, 
Just leaves no choice.

Pick up the phone,
I want you hear with me,
I wanna show you things,
That we loved to see...
Pick up the phone, 
It's gonna be all right,
Maybe this time,
Things won't end up in a fight.
Maybe a Broadway show,
Won't bring back your smile.
Maybe the movies,
Isn't just your style.
Maybe gifts! won't bring you back,
Oh baby! Just tell me, what do I lack...

For those Phone calls that should have been made :') Image Courtsey:Your Quote #yqbaba #regret