Blocking you up forced me
To delete our chat history

What was between us
Now changed to a sinful misery.

For what it meant
"I love you"
By what you said in mockery
I cherished as a moment 
Of memory,

My feelings remain unremmitted
Little did i know,
Escaping lead it to ossify.
Redemption seems nothing,
As you became the part of mine.

#YQbaba#chat#storifiedMe#redemption#mercy❤❤ Some chapters r better to be remain closed....

26 FEB AT 15:12

A wise man once said whatever that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I guess he's right. Well, atleast in my life. What I thought as my barrier was a cocoon. The day I realized it, I broke it apart and emerged. Thing is, do whatever you want to me.. you can call me immature, treat me like garbage, make me emotionally imbalanced & take away my self-confidence. But one thing you can't take from me is : My unique ability of Redemption. No matter what you do to me or what you make me feel, I will embrace it & rise above all of it. I may stumble, I may fall, but I used to find glory in resurrection. I always did. It was the pain that given to me hardened me.. Updated me to the best version. And now... I'm a someone entirely different. Yes, months and years passed. and boy changed to a MAN. I thank you for this.

#redemption some compares life as a textbook, each and every person you met is a chapter. You need to learn from it.. Rebuild from it... Grow from it...

22 FEB AT 19:27