Marriage to me is...

Marriage to me is a step A step I dreamt to take Moving to my lover forever Marriage to me is a void A void that can't be replaced Crying tears with mother and father Marriage to me is an acceptance An acceptance from the core of heart A shift from a family to another Marriage to me is learning Learning to sacrifice for the other To understand without words each desire Marriage to be is an understanding An understanding between space and separation A way of building trust with my lover Marriage to me is a sense to compromise To compromise equally without a doubt To act balancing faith of equal share Marriage to me is a power to gift Gift from God with the power To gift a life back to the nature Marriage to me is just a shift A shift like a promotion in life A cycle of existence, learning to care -Debashis Sarmah 13 Nov 2016 #marriage An attempt to write from a girl's perspective #background_India #raw #poem #message #social #1minRead #YQBaba #poem #13Nov2016 #DebashisPoems #debashisds Waiting for your views, especially from the female side as it a fragile attempt to dedicate to the Indian marriage home shift culture, where both the side needs to adjust but one side needs to leave their birth nest. Tear it apart, just teach me. :)

13 NOV 2016 AT 11:12