Title : The so called rights and its so called followers

Title: The so called rights and its so called followers Sorry Sir, Indians are not equal While some 70 years and Right to Equality My friends living in poverty and hills are still poor While my neighbor takes two shots of whiskey and gets the job for his birth experience in SC And his brother's friend, son of a priest pays 3x fees for the application form and scores some 2.5x times his, not enough to prove that it was his handwork and not for his DNA Sorry Sir, India is not intolerant They are following your arrogance in the name of stardom While you enjoy shouting through your heartless screen in 140 characters for publicity And then defend yourself in the name of Right to Speech for your halfwit wisdom Plastering the truth between semi-lies and orthodox understanding with fragile belief, singing nationalism and patriotism but carrying none, a fake display Sorry Ma'am, you're no different. Now and then, you pray for gender equality Clubbed together with abstract words beyond understanding like feminism, a farrago Though the other gender needs to pay the bills for your restaurant meals, an equality of unbiased social responsibility And then you can slap that harmless geek boy who was smiling for friendship at college yet cry alone in your room against the goons who actually needs to learn in the violent way Sorry Sir, you're not a holy guru For you divide and ask me to choose just one How can I tell you that I belong to all the religions for which I enjoy a holiday from my work And then you ask me to be a Hindu, as for you, Muslims implies terrorist, modern axman While another Muslim enlightened me with the facts of riots you're involved in; then again you whispered words like Jihad and wrongful Fatwa and many more that I am too afraid to understand, I pray Sorry Ma'am, you forgot to teach me my culture My books hardly had all the names of the states Our anthem isn't biased but old, future divisions were unknown to Tagore but then you ask me to learn Yet trying from dresses is cheap mind, so where do I learn from? And my brother, yes, the friend who got the job waits Till he gets served with two bottles of rum from Chotu, for whom rights never mattered except those intolerant kicks the stomach without food plays -Debashis Sarmah #YQBaba #social #poem #poetry #raw #message #society #sorry #slampoetry #debashisds