Who am I? 

Am I the silence that wants to be voiced, 

Or the voice that that needs to be silenced 

Am I the dreams I see everyday 

Or the realities I see every night 

Am I the wilderness in me that craves to explore the unknown 

Or the serenity outside of me that asks me to settle down 

Am I the thoughts that keep bubbling in my brain 

Or the actions that result from those bubbles of thought 

Am I a question to be answered 

Or an answer to be questioned 

Am the beginning of all the mystery there is 

Or the end of all the clarity there is 

Am I the truth that will become a lie one day 

Or the lie that will unify with the truth one day 

Who am I?  

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You ask me why I don't write happier things..

..maybe...just maybe I don't know how that feels...


25 MAY AT 12:02

I cannot break anyone's heart rightly.

I cannot break anyone's heart rightly. Yeah, I know it's not a good thing to even try. But, situations happen, I get angry, I shout and say nasty things and when it comes to conflict between the heart and the mind about taking a final call on the matter, to either finish it or preserve it, I choose to preserve it. No matter how difficult it is to turn back things, I never let go. I cannot see anyone cry because of me. --- Above piece written as an answer to a question at Quora "What is something you get wrong, every single time you try to do it right?" #YQBaba #answers #questions #love #heart

21 MAY AT 15:55