Mom: Why are your specs always dirty?

Me: Mom.. the truth is.. I'm Harry Potter.

Mom: That's good! But I'm not Hermione Granger who is going to spell Oculus Reparo.. Go and clean them! 

Happened today with me. A drawback when your mom's also a potterhead! #potterhead

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Lily stood on the ramparts of the castle and pondered "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on that's who we really are."

"Always" Severus reaffirmed himself looking out from his bedroom window at the moonlit ground beneath.

All was well.

- Quotes inspired by Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling

Story With Quotes Challenge by Vaishali Singh Thanks for nominating me. These books and its characters have been a big part of my growing years, the value in these little words of wisdom is something I cherish in my re-reads. Do try your own story with quotes and tag Vaishali and hashtag ( #swq ) I am not sure who is an avid reader in my TL so I would rather leave this challenge open. Feel free to dig in and bring out your own version using book quotes. #swq #YQBaba #CalmKaziWrites #Quotes #StoryWithQuotes #Rowling #Potter #Snape #Always #Potterhead #HarryPotter #QuoteSeries #BookNerd #NerdQuotes #Good #Evil #Love

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