Amidst magic and curses 
Friendship grew 
When horcruxes were destroyed 
Love bloomed 
Hunger for power mutilated one's nose
Oh! The love of mother prevailed all dark force
Masks fell, perceptions changed
Courage spoke the words of fame 
For in the end what mattered the most
Was not power but faith and intrepidity 
To stick with the good till eternity.

A struggle between bajrangi bhaijan and harry Potter and well... This goes beyond movies or books for it was my childhood. It's beyond the usual Magic, wands, friendship and all. It showed that love can be like that of snape's, and friendship as strong and gullible like of marauders. That rats can't be trusted 😅 and determination can overpower anything. Power is good but not without humility and life is empty and meaningless without love and friendships. It showed that an outsider like hermione can be better than purebloods and helpers when treated badly can change the course of history. That Amidst all darkness and gloominess, a ray of hope is what one needs. Always. #favmovie #potterhead #YQbaba Thanks Prem Kumar Chanda for the lead. And Arunima Raghavan for starting such an amazing challenge.

16 JAN AT 21:28