His edge of the pencil was sharp
Her edge of words was sharp
Both fail in exams
Cause he hasn't had sharp words
She hasn't had sharp pencil

Title: #words#pencil# It does not mean much easier There are very deep meanings hidden in it I hope people will understand what the real meaning behind in it. #Yqbaba#yourquote#yqdidi#pencil#words

21 MAR AT 9:37

For a blunt pencil to become sharp, a part of it has to be peeled off
On the route to success, there's always some baggage you need to drop...

As a pencil has to undergo desquamation to sharpen itself, so does a man need to let go of certain things to reach the pinnacle of success. And that baggage may include bad habits, ill qualities, materialistic possessions and even people at times. Some things can light us up but some others can also weigh us down. It's difficult yet very important to judge who's who and what to cling on to and what to let go of. #sharp #peel #success #blunt #pencil #life #baggage #drop

19 MAR AT 12:59