At the age of 23, her parents wanted to get her married to a businessman.

“We are growing older and want you to settle down.”
-Was their justification.

She agreed

On her wedding day, she took the seven vows around the FIRE, which was actually the pyre of her dreams.


26 MAR AT 15:27

Should the rain seek redemption for flooding the land?

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We often complain that our parents have been harsh on us, they keep cribbing about how the neighbor's son is earning a 7 figure salary, and reminding us of our incapabilities. Sometimes they thunder down blows to wake us up when we need shut eye the most. I often thought, are they guilty of such torture,Will they ever seek redemption for the hits and bangs they showered upon us? But as i was thinking, it started to rain like cats and dogs and the whole place around my house was flooded... The rains had caused so much chaos I felt as though earth would shout out saying its too much water for it to take, it reminded me of myself when I was flooded with advices, lectures and thrashes. Did the rain ever seek redemption for flooding the land? It is nature's law isn't it ? If it weren't for that flood the land would have nothing on it. When I see the same scene now I see both the land and me smiling and thanking the rains and my parents for flooding us with love without a sugar-coat . :) #parents #yqbaba #think #thoughts.

26 MAR AT 10:58