Peace that you still possess and
peace that we once had. 

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You remember how at school we are taught, about numbers and as we grow those numbers start getting complex. 10.9 was just a complex number for me, before someone said that this wasn't a number any longer. 10.9 million people had become refugees in one way or the other. My eyes nearly popped out. That was about half the population of my country, but then who was listening. NOBODY. Years don't grow you as much as the consequences do. The most important thing I had learned in these 6 years is, 'Nobody Cares'. There was no use pleading to anyone. People would hear us, sympathise with us(out of courtesy) and move on. How could you be so insenitive? They use bullets, bombs and even chemicals but everything has gone unnoticed. Move on, yes I heard them telling this to my Pa. But how? Can you return to me those 6 years of my life, and why just 6 who knows how long will it last. I don't see an ending to our miseries but they still tell me to believe in Christ, and believe I do just for their sake and smile at their back just as you people, who believe in our narratives for our sake and enjoy doing nothing. May the Christ be with you, for they have already taken away ours. Amen. #WriteforSyria #SyriaCivilWar #Syria #humanity #war #life #pain #peace #letter #openletter #yourquote #yq #arthub #tpmd #BoostThyself #YQdidi #YQbaba