A short story...
I had a purpose in life,
That purpose had been right 
beside me ,all along.
I just never noticed.
I was just able to live on just 
Hearing a thanks from her.
Her gratitude was enough to make 
Me feel alive.
I was happy...
To only notice that I was such an idiot.
To notice this now.
Was she ..Was really happy with the
Life that consisted of just those things?
And now that I have lost her,has my life ended too?
My happy days that I didn't realized​ existed.
Those days r gone,I don't have
Anything by my side any more....

R. I.P

#life#happiness#sorrow#pain#tragedy#story#yqbaba A little story inspired by my past experiences and events...


 I love you...?
I was not the one who I am today, you changed me, changed the seasons of my life. You started a new chapter in our lives with lots of promises, trust and hope. Hope that we will make it together till the end of this life; trust that no one would breach in this very pure, very sublime relation of ours and promises that we'll never you will be mine and I will be yours forever.

Now I sit here OUT in the emptiness of this crowded world, everything is same but everything has changed; all I am left with is a dillematic heart, lost and wandering soul and an skeptic mind. What happened? Which storm brought this day; this plight? Which storm was so powerful that shattered everything; promises, hopes and trust? May be all these never existed. May be I was hallucinating with wide and open eyes. If all this was just an hallucination then you are certainly the best stroke of my imagination. I don't remember what ablaze us; I don't know from where the storm arouse? Why couldn't I see that coming? 
I still don't know whether you were my imagination or my reality? Seems like I am drowning in a deep sea....what's happening?