Chapter-3 THE GOD's DECISION 6:39 PMΒ  13/03/2011 Doorbell sound had made Smriti move hurriedly towards the main door. Sachin's home had a spacious garden with lot of grassy free space and beautiful flowers on front side while at the back and sides of home there was ample free ground. The whole area was enclosed in a boundary standing 4 feet tall. Their home was built in outskirts of ghaziabad making it quite and lonely in night. "Even after knowing everything he has come for our sake" ran into smriti's mind. She opened the door for that tall and well built man with semi bald head. "Namaste Prabhat Uncle!! How are you?" greeted smriti. Prabhat came inside wearing a round hat, jeans and jacket. Without smriti's notice, her mother and prabhat greeted each other with a feel of guilt in her mother's eyes. "She will never accept" prabhat had in mind. He took off his jacket which was little wet due to the heavy ran he suffered after getting out from his car and entering the house. It was raining heavily outside. This was not it. Rain was accompanied with heavy storm and lighting. Crossing the study room, prabhat was standing at the one end of hall. He was taken back after looking at the familiar pattern of things arranged in central hall. Everything was moved to corner to create large empty space in the center. "They already cleaned the drawing" prabhat was observing everything. "Was it blood again?" asked prabhat. "Yes!!" in a sad and heavy voice was smriti's answer. Prabhat's eyes were continuously staring into the darkness of that room in which sachin was sleeping. "Will it work this time?" he thought of the process he was going to carry out. He signaled smriti to bring a glass of water. He was thirsty. Smriti acted quickly. He moved towards sachin's room after drinking that glass of water. He slowly completely opened the door of sachin's room. He asked smriti to switch off all lights, which was immediately done by smriti. Darkness filled the house. Smriti was able to hear prabhat's footsteps moving further inside sachin's room. Prabhat then took out his cellphone and used its screen's brightness to make little light in the room. "Oh boy!! He did it again." 9:40 PMΒ  13/03/2011 "I'm sorry uncle. I had no idea that you would be coming." apologized sachin to prabhat for sleeping during his visit. "It's just ok kid. I was on my way home so thought to visit for a cup of coffee." prabhat said with his eyes fixed at left forearm of sachin. The cut was obviously made with a sharp object, knife maybe. "When is your college reopening?" asked prabhat. "Officially it will open tomorrow but students have decided to resume classes from 16th." replied sachin pointing out the most common and famous habit of engineering students - 'Bunk'. "How is priya?" winked prabhat trying to lighten everyone's mood. Sachin looked towards his mother with blushing cheeks and shy eyes. Smriti was giggling but a smooth happiness was clearly visible over her face. "If a love story is written of these two it would be epic." thought smriti as she was pulling sachin's leg. "Yes bhaiya, I also want to know. It's been really long I talked to her." Sachin looked furiously towards her sister. Prabhat gained the moment and signaled Soumya, the mother of those two kids, to move to study room so that they can talk. She understood and followed immediately. "You both continue. I have something important to discuss with your mother." prabhat said to both. They both never listened and continued their silly fight. Prabhat smiled and moved to study room. "Send him back to Lucknow tomorrow itself." prabhat said to soumya just as he entered the room. Soumya: "Don't you think we need to keep him under observation for a little more time." Prabhat: "You know everything very well. This place is like an arena for him. We all are characters in his game. Try to understand that he will not act such in a place where he will be busy all the time with friends." Soumya: "You should realize that he is meeting his sister after one and a half year. He wants to stay with her longer and I want the same." Prabhat (in a depressing tone): "So you are saying that you don't agree with me." Soumya realized that prabhat's solution was best as of now. Soumya: "I believe you but who will convince him for leaving tomorrow itself?" Who wants to be a villain for his child. It was so nice watching both of her kids together after such a long time but this was not something that can be avoided. Prabhat: "No one but we will have to convince him that it's the god's decision. I hope that he will follow it same as last time he..." prabhat bit his lips in between to stop himself from speaking any further. "The God's Decision - so it has come to this so early this time." sighed soumya with a lot of grief in her heart. "Horus, How do you confirm you're in real world and not a life like illusion" - Devil Page 32, Another Street #NaNoWriMo #innocent #anotherstreet #beginningofstart #YQbaba #YQ

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