With each new day 
we get a new inspiration to live
and we loose one hope away
Thus the life is balanced to survive...




She was an ocean, calm, soothing and serene. Her wishes stretched beyond, To a land afar, unseen. There was no end to her beauty. Her hair waved in the breeze. Just like the dance of the waves, The ocean fails to seize. Her emotions were like fishes, Roamed inside her, fearless and free Their pace was set swift, Beneath it, she hid, a bulk of debris. The ocean was filled By a river of positive vibes. Optimism ran through her veins, Fed all the emotions, settled as tribes. The river met the ocean, The union was blissful, alive. For, from her glittered happiness, The whole world could be taught to survive. There was a kingdom, vast Amidst her palm, divine. Which lighted up, and gleamed, Due to her heart, which beamed sunshine. She was the ruler, Intense, and conjuring. Oh, but the kingdom, for sure, Missed the presence of a King. There entered a wanderer Stood gazing at the shore. Was blinded with the immense light, And deafened by the wavy roar. She stretched her hand to him, For, her touch could kill all his murk She wanted to love all his fear, All her power, was put to work. The wanderer, a warrior himself, Feared his destiny, for, it betrayed. Her hands of love stretched ahead He put his hand over her hand, afraid. And thus, did it happen Their hands clutched together. His fear, her love together formed a forever. And their hands formed a bond, Inside the hearts, unbreakable. The wanderer had found his home, and the empire found it's emperor, unshakable —©Sameer Khan || "Her" Series Read full series on my personal handle on facebook. #Her #YQbaba #love #muse #musing #poem

26 MAY AT 17:40

Sometimes our muse hit as unexpected surprise and feels like the little blessings of god in the form of our happiness ...


25 MAY AT 19:09