Rape is just not intruding the parts of a body, but it's also murdering the privacy and comfortability of a person by your eyes, your words!

#rape #molestation P.s. purposely used "person" and not "she" because yes! Males are also molested and raped.

26 MAY AT 23:58

"Boys Don't Cry!" They Taught Him.
Five Years Later He Got Arrested For Molestating A Girl And Drowning Her 
Self-Respect With Her Tears And Cries.

That's How He Took What He Was Taught By His Family.
Only If He Would Listen To His Teacher,
That Crying Doesn't Indicate That You're Weak.
Since Birth It Has Always Been A Sign That You're Alive.
It Would Have Been A Different Story.

#YQbaba#YQdidi#BoostThyself #tpmd#Tears#Molestation#YQdada

17 MAY AT 0:22

"Lets diagnose you today in form of game, it will cure you better",
 he constrained her with henious touch and evil smile

scared eyes..
Hidden bruises...
Obscure wounds on body..
Left the somber scars on cheerful soul..

Doctor's treatment never hurted 12 year old more,
 before that day....


7 MAY AT 23:30