The point
of it all
was that
she asked
for it. OK!
time, let us agree with your  'smart n logical' reasoning for
the obscene act, just 'cause I'm tired of doing the contrary!
Maybe you
are the kind
of man who
has never
failed to
asked to!
Now that
she's asking
you to return
the life she lost,
maybe you'll give
it back to her! You,
my boy! You're so kind!
Thank you, for everything!

Need I caption it? Same old remarks I'll make. Same old questions I'll ask. Most of the ladies will agree n pat my back. Some aunties will make faces n wish that I should get what I'm (not) asking for. 'Men by choice' will take a deep breath, exhale by pouting their lips, shake their head, n do a 'pchhh'!! 'Men by birth' will remain unaffected. No! Wait. They will run their fingers over the shaped words! N enjoy my writing more than all others! Hmm... It does look like a girl, right? "Never mind the long arms. They ought to be so reaching out to greater justice." - Sreepoorna Sir :') #YQbaba #pointofit #fail #women #men #womensday #molestation #sarcasm #womenhood #ShapePoem #repost

24 MAR AT 20:47

I hate that choclate, and I hate that scary day
I should be the only victim, May God ! , I pray

I regret for that moment, to go with you, 'Yes' I said
And what happened next, was just worse than the bad

I was like his daughter, with shame he should die
For some fun of minutes, he spoiled me, Why? 

Not just body, but he sloshed badly my soul too
There was a devil inside him, i didn't  have a clue


#Molestation #ThankYou Juhi Mahadikk For your words. It helped me to write this 👆 @The_words_enough_ Follow us on instagram too..

23 MAR AT 14:10