Sunday's are drastically awful.
All the horror happens to be at home, and that makes it more difficult to get out of the house.You just can't! Period.
It's like you are under surveillance.
You can't even burp-loud!!
If you do so,you dare not defend yourself. 
There's a chance to win an argument with an advocate but not his wife for sure and who could you find better than their own child for this advice.A special mention if you are reading,daughters are exceptions.
Well it's near to midnight and 6-hours later you won't find me sleeping as because the Karta wakes-up at 6'oclock sharp and so do I have to;
i bid you adieu then as i can't afford to waste a single minute of this not much left Saturday,night.

Shray! Shray! Shray!
Where are you? Why you always do this? It makes me sick inside,where are you? 
“Hello, dad what's wrong?
I'm up! Already, why you yelling at me
and you look humongous by the way!
What's going on,am i dreaming, you seriously look huge.”
He must be in the washroom and now
No coming-out for hours!
I'm going for a jog if he didn't catch up in   5-mins, better tell him not to be at home for sure, i don't want my day to be ruined,again...
(This paragraph in cation)

(post-1) “Hey you guys, what you talking about Can't you see me here, hey hey mom Ohh come-on where you looking ohh maa! What's going-on i can't believe this, you both are ignoring me seriously or is it a game because I'm losing it now! And how in this world could you look so gigantic. Shit is this some kind of eye-disorder, Hey mom! I'm serious now ohh God what are you doing ok then wait now...” Aah there's a bee, for God's sake his room's a mess. Bee!! What the hell, it's me. Ooh! Come-on it ain't funny anymore. Hey what, you going away okay then remember this, you ask for something i do the same! Aah! What's wrong with this day. ( Rest in next post) #kafka #YQbaba #bee #me #not #be #me 🤐😛