To find the unknown 'love' of your life,standing on the other side-unsure whether to save or cripple you!
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I wish we learn to not tame our free souls.We need not just compete with others to complete our own selves.Playing it safe and cool.So,why don't you sail off?Beyond these 'brave' shores!And you would then discover,the spark of those enigmatic skipping beats.The beauty of the Adrenaline rush. As your last sighs would kiss goodbye to these shores(with a hint of fear),and your steps would be prancing the oceanic gates,there you would travel to a new world.To find the unknown 'love' of your life standing on the other side-unsure whether it would save or cripple you!But,it would definitely give birth to a 'new' you. When you would step off thy home,and get welcomed by glories of destruction,you would see deep seas are beautiful.And calm.And every other heavenly adjective. While at the shores,when your ship feared to the roars of those giant blue souls,you would now fall in love with the sounds of its silence.That's what you would want to preserve.That fear would now turn into music. Remember all those times when you used to stare into nowhere and wonder about the distant horizons where skies and seas met?For once,set yourself free and run away.To the world of risks.To the world of adventures.To your dream world.Far from these machines and humans.Trust me,you would fall in love with the silence-that intense calmness! The serenity and the agitation- That would be your homecoming. For sweetheart, Ships are safe at harbours,but I guess that is the only place they ain't meant for! #yqbaba #ships #life #man #sea


Precious treasure world forever, 
Money precious treasure just money! 
Also go for the black money, seems to be only the final destination, 
Also doesn't bite their bullet, becoming a black sheep;
Breft of a reason for money, why man leaves all and every precious thing just for money! 
Why do they flog a dead horse? 
Don't ever they get a red face? 
But too after getting a kick in teeth they come back again, with a hope of being closed
But it's their mercia that are forgived after a good black eye... 
Here at the end becoming true to salt just to be in heaven!


25 MAY AT 20:09