You and Me.

#poem #poetry #love #lovepoem #youandme #worldpoetryday Full Poem👇 You and me We knew each other since childhood The journey was so long that we knew each other's bad and good. During this journey I developed feelings for you And I know you did that too. I thought that you will be the one for me From then, till death's sea. But the bond was never made As the plans were different for fate. Neither the friendship nor the bond Remained strong as we got apart, You got new people, fond. But I was still there waiting That was the biggest mistake of not forgetting. We stayed in touch all the time Rose the memories when we were partners in crime. Everything seemed fine Thought you can be mine, Till you told me about her, Her deep eyes, fair skin and hair like soft fur. It broke me inside out, Regretting that I never told you about My feelings and attachments Unknowingly you played with my sentiments. There built in the jealousy But the smile on your face, In my heart, it had no vacancy. Your happiness cannot beat My love for you and I can never cheat On my promise to keep you elated Even when I was nowhere related. -Sweetheart (Ritz) On this occasion of International World Poetry Day thought of posting a poem! Cheers to all the poets and writers! A peaceful Revolution happens when we change things with words! ❤️❤️😊😊

21 MAR AT 20:02