A lifetime of memories 

Encapsulated between 

The first glance in a crowded bus 

The last glimpse at a crowded intersection 

I dreamed a dream 

Wasn't meant to be !!

#memories #love #journey #she #YQBaba #dream #longing Some memories are so deeply etched in our minds that even years later you can so clearly recollect every minute detail of a particular day. That fateful encounter in the crowded bus, something about her captivated me completely. A tumultuous journey of a decade followed , making memories- some good, some bad, some pleasant , some bitter. That last glance I saw her at a crowded intersection. The longing to take her into my arms , the urge to look into her eyes and hoping to find love for me. Instead I rode away in silence. Knowing it wasn't meant to be. Some journeys aren't meant to be.