I just wonder

Full poem in caption:

As I sit in front of you Holding someone else's​ hand Pasting a narrow smile I just wonder If it was as easy for you As me to smile without Lashing at eachother I just wonder If I drag you out of your seat From his arms and ask you Caging you in my arms I just wonder if I kiss you With my whole heart While look into your eyes With same passion burning in your eyes I just wonder Will you let me love you In front of your husband Or will you hate me I just wonder Will that kiss, mix with your hate Will be as passionate as our lost love I just wonder If it will be true Your kisses will be true I won't wonder anymore I will never let you go Will never let you go But perhaps it is just me wandering Now Your passionate smile is not for me Your crank of pearly eyes are not for me Your innocent touches are not for me My true love is not enough for you anymore I just wonder If I could kiss you And able to tell you My wondering soul is just for you I just wonder How can I forget you Sitting in front of you With a narrow smile Plaster on my face While holding someone else's hand.... #napowrimo #yqbaba #poem #love #lost #lostlove #passion #hate #betrayal #longing

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