Some People are like BLACK MUSTARD SEED in our Life ! 

Their Existance do make your Life and Your Food with lot's of BLACK SPOT 😃 !
But Every single seed INPIRE you to do something Different 😃 !

Black Mustard Seed = Rai Isn't it happens when there are so many crowd around you and you are confused with all of them ! You don't even k ow are you connected with them or not, you have no idea how to greet them or how will they treat you. Yet you stay in between all of them and learn how to stay there 😃 Every single person in that crowd helps you to learn something new :D something different ! Yet they bring the TASTE IN YOUR LIFE 😃 #FoodPeople #Mustard #Seed #People #Life Awesome Challenge by Abhinav Bhaiya 😃 Further Nominating : Anupma, Supriya, Supriya, Nikitha, Ankur, Anmol , Saurabh, @Pooja( Noodlehead ) , Aditya, Sachin (You can write after your exam :p), Archana, Simran, PS (Geet You can Write after Coming back to India :p), Piyush, Prafull, Sushantha, Sneha, Shubhi, Debashis, Sakshi manali And everyone :) Feel Free to Write :) For More Info Visit Abhinav Bhaiya Quote. #InkScribbler #SpreadSMILE #SpreadLOVE #SpreadHAPPINESS