....One morning, we found you lying dead under a Neem tree, where you had once entertained me by trying to chase your own tail. It was sudden and unprecedented just like your arrival into our lives. Just like no one knew where you came from, no one knew why or where you went now. When the corporation people took you away, they took a part of me too. 
Maybe you came into my life to teach me that love and friendship can be found even in the lopsided grin of a dog. A dog who was a million times more kind and compassionate than some humans I have known. I am sorry you had to leave so soon. I am sorry I couldn't stroke your fur, hold your paw and tell you it's going to be okay when you breathed your last. I want you to know that I still remember you and still see you in the eyes of abandoned stray dogs. I will always love you Timmy ❤

#6 The end. This is a letter in series. Click #DearestTimmy to read from the beginning. No dog deserves to be abonded. Owning a dog is taking responsibility for a life and there's no going back from that. If you have plans to bring a new pet home, then please adopt abandoned pets from shelters instead of buying expensive breeds.Because those lost souls are capable of giving and holding more love. I'm so overwhelmed by all the support I have been receiving for this letter. Thank you all :) A special thanks to Mayank Roy, Aara Sharma mam, Sara Jothi and Pooja Singh for keeping me motivated throughout the series. #dog #letters #YQBaba #abandon #adopt


Dearest Timmy,
        I know that dogs can't read but I still am writing a letter to you. How else will I pour out my feelings now that you are not here anymore? I will never again see you sprinting to welcome me home at the end of a busy day, wagging your tail and greeting me with your deep throaty woof-woofs. 
I still remember the first time you turned up at my street. Emaciated, with a broken spirit and heart, wearing a battered collar chain. No one knew where you came from. One of my neighbours predicted that maybe the family who owned you had deserted you when they moved to a new city. Another neighbour said you wouldn't last longer as you looked too old and frail. My neighbours, the proud owners of bourgeoisie bungalows thought you were an unwanted burden and chased you away. (to be continued...)

#1 Beginning a letter in series. Click #DearestTimmy to read in continuation. The letter will be posted as six parts over the weekend. I just typed it out in a single go. Please do help me in correcting the errors,if any. #dog #letters #YQBaba

24 MAR AT 22:04

मेरे- तुम्हारे बीच सड़कों की गुज़ारिशें थीं, रेल की पटरियों का तिलिस्मी जंतर था, नदी की अठखेलियाँ थीं, पंछियों की चहचह का नेग था, केनी जी की धुनों की दहक थी. 

मेरे -तुम्हारे बीच कुछ साँवली साँझें थीं, गीली चिट्ठियाँ थीं, नज़्में थीं,  हक़ था, झिड़कियाँ थीं, शिव का चबूतरा था, चाँद की गवाही थी, मनौती का लाल धागा था.

फिर मेरे-तुम्हारे बीच लोग भी थे, उनकी कुटिल चालें थीं, कानाफूसियाँ थीं, ग़लतबयानियाँ थीं. 

हमारे बँटवारे से मालूम चला कि किसकी पाली में बुद्धिमानियाँ गयीं...
और किसके हिस्से अबोध प्रेम आया.

~ हीर

साँवली साँझें, गीली चिट्ठियाँ, शिव का चबूतरा, चाँद की गवाही, मनौती का लाल धागा.. ~ हीर #Letters ~ हीर #Letters

24 MAR AT 10:06

हीर की चिट्ठी

आसमान की टहनी से 
तुम तोड़ लाओ
वह लाल सेब

आधा-आधा खाएँगे
सीखेंगे साझेदारी

सुख-दुःख, यादें
सब आधा-आधा

हँसी तुम्हारी फूलों-सी
आधी मेरी
और मेरी आँखों का झरना
हम दोनों का
आधा तकिया
आधी चादर
चाँद की रोटी आधी-आधी
ख़्वाबों पर भी 
दोनों का हक़

कहीं अधूरे ही न हम खो जाएँ
चलो न !
आधे-आधे मिल कर पूरे हो जाएँ

~ हीर

आधा आधा खाएँगे सीखेंगे साझेदारी ~ हीर #Letters

22 MAR AT 8:46