On Insecurity

When You
Cannot call for help,
Neither reveal
The abyss that needs to be filled

This vortex that sucks in, 
more than most can afford,
You either learn
To fake nonchalance or turn cold.

When we rate confidence high, is it because it's so rare to find? Have not we all been insecure sometimes? When Praise burdens you with worries to live upto it. Apart from the smile,you are still figuring out an honest and polite response. Trying to convince yourself there might be other reasons for your call not getting picked up. You feel grateful for the warmth but are wary of getting involved. Sometimes people cannot hear, do not see. Or maybe it's a spurn? Wary of being the first to smile? Were they talking about you? Was that remark for you? And when you need to be told you are not the only one who feels this way coz You know it is pathetic because they tell you so and because you tell others the same. So you can't let them see and they won't let you know, what in fact, is troubling both. #insecurity #YQBaba #YQ

15 MAY AT 19:50