Some Poems are better not recited,
Some Stories are better Untold.



     The Heartbroken Says.....

May be our hearts weren't meant to mix,
I wish, if once you could have tried to fix !

The small misunderstandings, for your mood so fey,
You didn't understand anything, which made my heart slay.

Did I give you my heart to get sleepless nights?
God! I can't bear the pains,the loneliness really bites!

Was it so easy to shift from Favourites to Blocklist?
You make me ponder! does really love and justice exist?

Wishes don't come true! False are the shooting stars,
You broke all my beliefs, now live in the smokes of my cigars!

I know, you'll swing in memories, but I won't shed tears,
I will not let you live, make you drown in my favorite beers!

Ever visit my vacant room, you'll hear the locked cries,
Ask the pillows stained with tears, they know the truth behind all the lies!

You will still feel the warmth and love, from the dead heart of my carcase,
But you're invited! Do come to my grave with a smiling face!

--- Raja and Bivalent Chand (চাঁদ)

My very first collaboration with the talented writer cum bro সোমদেব চাঁদ নাথ ! ❤ The first line is written by him, and the second one is by me and then it goes alternatively, till the last line where the 1st line is mine and the very last line is his ! The experience was too awesome ! ❤😘 #collab #poem #heartbroken

27 MAR AT 16:53