I'm all sugary,syrupy and maukish wrapped in the smoky robe of malevolence and cold-heartedness,all grey coloured.

#grey#me#onelinelifestory#YQbaba No nonsense types. Don't let all know you.

25 MAY AT 21:59

in miles of grey,
a barren wasteland of sameness;
she stands alone:
a light.
a single spotlight on stage,
a flower in the desert, 
kindness among chaos;
but she is not me.

i am the grey;
overlooked, blending in;
afraid to be different
afraid to be the same.

all i know
is when looking at her
i, too
crave the feeling of color,
of uniqueness,
of happiness;
all it entails.

the grey will not hold me back anymore.

quick poem i wrote on the way to finals to calm me down xx #yqbaba #poetry #grey

17 MAY AT 4:41