When his love for you is unsaid,
And your love to him is unheard
Then its okay to keep 
your love inside the heart, 
When you know the one you love is poles apart.

# okay #nick#grey#differentshades#fifth#


Some days, I just feel that may be you were never wrong. Situations made you gone. 
My eyes blink, my heart sinks 
The moment I see you come.
Happiness for a while, 
Helps me move a mile.
And suddenly then I realise,
A day dream it was that made me smile.
You were still apart,
It was just your illusion in my heart.

#somedays# #nick#grey#differentshades #fourth#

22 APR AT 20:14

Engrossed in his thoughts,
Enamored in his love i was, 
When that thing happened 
I got completely shocked.
That he loved another girl 
Brought me to a state of loss.
What actually did hurt me more
Was that all this while I had kept my eyes closed believing all his words full of lies to the core.  
He knew me inside out to the utmost and that was just my misconception in gross.
I opened up myself And he kept things to himself. 
All I am left with is the feeling of despair
Because even when life has acquainted me with his truth,He still desires to keep it as A SECRET.

#secret# #nick#grey#differentshades# third#

17 APR AT 13:09

Kabhi socha na tha ki mere Dil ke taar tumse kuch iss tarah jude honge❤. Pata toh tab chala jab ek aandhiyon ka sailaab aaya aur mere dil ke tootne ki awaaz aayi. Taajub toh bas iss baat ka reh gaya ki jisse dil juda tha wahi dil todne wala nikla💔

#nick#grey#differentshades# first#

15 APR AT 13:57