I touch​ you; no, I feel
Not to break, not to heal
I touch​ you; no, I feel
Not to seduce, not to steal
I touch you; no, I feel
Not to violate, not as a deal
I touch you; no, I feel
Not for pleasure, not as a meal
I touch you; no, I feel
Not to complete, not as thy wheel
I touch you; no, I feel
Not your curves, not your steel
I touch you; no, I just seal
A lover's longing yearning to be felt

Intimacy & Promiscuous 'I'm love in a man's robe; not the converse' #feminism


If two breasts and a vagina strips you off your morals ,remember where you came from and remember the breast which fed you....


21 APR AT 12:55

A dependent,
For years and years,
First, of those
Who gave me a life
To whom, I was supposed
To owe everything. 
My dreams, left unsettled
My wishes, never fulfilled
Because I wasn't
A human, a mere
Property, a responsibility
Then, a dependent 
Of a man, 
To whom I was a prize
My body, his control
My soul, not his business
Dreams, long forgotten
Anguish, given no attention
Life, as I saw it
Was a mere burden,
For I was a woman
Only a second citizen

Been a long time since I wrote a poem! Let's just say I couldn't really complete my #NaPoWriMo challenge thanks to some busy hectic schedule. But hopefully, the next 10 days I will be able to write something :P So here it is, #Day20 on The Second Citizen :) #Woman #feminism #dependent #YQBaba

20 APR AT 19:57