I'll never be able to forget you,
Nor your face.
Wrap your arms around me,
Even if I resist, I'll be full of glee.

All those bitches out there,
Will play games foul and fair.
But they won't reach you,
Till the sun shines bright,and the sea is blue.

We aren't like the casual love birds,
Are rendered silent even though we aren't at a loss of words.
Our eyes have to say it all,
Standing in the middle, surrounded by people in the hall.

Let's give the world some respite,
I don't know what else to write.
I can't pen down my feelings,
Your touch is forever healing.


Written for a wonderful couple I know.They're like Monica and Chandler. He's her prince, her soulmate, her friend. One seldom finds someone like they found each other. If you do, wrap your arms around them and never let them go. When they'll read this, I'm sure they'll smile and wish that they're together. Always. Cheers to their Always, they're Forever, they're Infinity. •Tag couples who you think have the most special relationship• • • #womanstyle #womans #quote #quoteoftheday #instadaily #words #poetry #read #writing #poem #lifequotes #wordstoliveby #wisewords #quotestoliveby #booklover #write #poems #wordporn #reading #shortcaption #motivation #inspirationalquotes #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #successquotes #successful #love

24 MAY AT 13:01

The idea of growing up was this? 


Was this the idea of growing up? No, I mean, remember when we all were young and the teacher asked about who wants to become who, we all were so boastful and proud? Like, that soccer-cut boy in the class stood tall and claimed to be next Ronaldo while that nerd? He wanted to go to NASA for research. And and that girl? The prettiest of them all? The one who had immense brains, in her high pitch voice, she claimed to be leading India at the Miss World competition? All those astronauts, actors, cricketers, footballers, writers, photographers- TO BE, are hustling in some college or working 9-5 at a place where they do not really relate to! Was this the idea of growing up? No, I mean, wasn't the father the hero of childhood who carried supreme wisdom? Wasn't the world lied in the hugs of the mother and blessings of the elder sister? But when did it all change? When did my own father became an irritating figure to me and mother became annoying? When did it happen that I dislike talking to my own sister? Do you relate? Do you have any related story to share? Please share! #YQ #YourQuote #YQbaba #Childhood #adult #cricket #football #model #NASA #entrepreneur #business #India #father #mother #family

24 MAY AT 9:22