A Blind Date (Erotic poem)
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Neither lover was aware, of what was hidden in texts they shared. The subtle words were typed so freely, neither knowing if they really, Would indeed meet up somewhere and find other than the words to share. Both of them arranged to meet, not too close, somewhere discrete. In some midway hotel bar, not so near, yet not too far. The place arranged, the time was set. No time to worry or regret. A table close against the wall, there in sight but not to all, Sits a man of mature age, preparing again to take the stage. Dates they say are all the same, but it’s been some time since he played the game. He sits and thinks of an earlier year, when his eyes were bright and skin was fair His face was young and words came fast, no time for age, his youth would last. Yet here he waits, age has him now. A rheumy eye, and furrowed brow, Soon he’d meet the woman there and hope to start some light affair. Not weighted down with love, and yet, filled with passion and no regret. A shadow was cast as in the room the woman walked, not late or soon. The time was right, nothing changed. She came to him as she arranged. No young girl this, but woman all. The face he’d seen he could recall, That like himself no fresh faced child, but an older woman filled with pride, That she had seen life, fought the years. Had the laughs and cried the tears, And now was here about to meet, a man she hoped could be discrete, And share with her this meeting now, and maybe more, and yet somehow, Inside herself she felt the need, to talk it out before they agreed, To take it further than just the prose, and start the path, see where it goes. Between them words began to flow, he was pleasant, nice to know. She was bright , relaxed and grand and so he reached out for her hand. Her hand was soft, into his it slips. He raises it up to meet his lips. Across the void the smiling eyes, meet, and between them no surprise, Each knows there is much more than this, to share between them a lovers kiss. They both lean close, lips softly meet and slowly both rise to their feet. Hand in hand they slowly drift, across the foyer to the lift. As the lift begins to rise, lips meet once more mouths full of sighs, As she slips softly into his arms, and faced the evening with no qualms. Both knew that now the time was right, to hold each other, spend the night. Laying close to one another, sharing their body with a lover. The room was entered and with soft tread, they made their way towards the bed. Once more they turned, came face to face, sharing yet one more embrace. Hands now roaming over clothes, of each others dress they both dispose. Now naked as they both were born, but in seeing the other no looks forlorn. For though their bodies were no longer tight, each saw a body in their sight, That pleased them both and in their view, could raise their blood and yet renew, The passion that has long been sleeping, slowly now it started creeping, Shyness now had fully fled, as both their bodies fell to the bed. Warm naked skin on naked flesh, their bodies, arms and legs enmesh. Searching mouths find soft warm lips, as his tongue between them slips. The tips of tongues they gently meet, each others lips and softly greet, The lovers kiss that’s waiting there, his nose smells soft and scented hair. His kisses now he starts to steer towards the soft lobe of her ear. Gently drawn between his teeth, he softly nibbled whilst yet beneath, His hands so tenderly caressed, the soft warm skin of each naked breast. Her breasts he softly began to rub, sent blood rushing to its nub, Which slowly rose, became aroused, her passion now could not be doused, Until that time the signals send, the news the loving has reached an end. Her breasts swell large, her nipples too. She holds him close, knows what to do. She takes his head and draws it down to where his mouth can taste the crown, Kissing, nibbling, sucking soft, each nipple made to stand aloft. Now his hands across her slip, across her tummy down to her hip. Her breath it leaves in urgent hisses, as down her body trail butterfly kisses. His warm wet tongue leaves slippery trail, whilst descending to the holy grail. With sensuous moan her soft thighs part, allowing his kisses to find the heart, Where passion blazes deep below, no fear, his lips know where to go. A shock runs through her very soul, as his stiff wet tongue finds its goal. Slipping between soft swollen lips, nestling softly between her hips. His probing tongue begins to rub against her core, the swollen nub, That sits above her pleasure zone, a guardian standing all alone. To erotic pulses her body bucks, as he takes the nub and sucks, Licks around its throbbing base, her warm secretions he can taste. Now her body starts to ride the finger that he slips inside , Her passage welcoming, slippery, hot as his finger finds the spot. Her rising passion he invokes as across the spot he gently strokes. Her body almost overwhelmed as from both spots he starts to send, Erotic thrills throughout her frame, she knew she’d never be the same. His lips and finger now work done, the time was here to make them one. Reaching down taking his head, she gently pulls him up the bed. Her legs fall open bent at the knees, the defining moment now they’ll seize. Her hand slips down to find his lance, both bodies in a loving trance. Her hand curls round his throbbing heat and slowly lowers it to her seat. Its pulsing, swollen head now slips, gently down between her lips. His fleshy rod now waits its fate, nestling at her hot wet gate. Once more their eyes meet up and lock in each others they can see the shock, As her slippery lips start to distend to welcome just the very end, As the warm invader begins to slide, reaching deeply down inside, Her tight dark passage lets it pass, her walls surrounding all its mass. At last the two have now reached home as pubic bone meets pubic bone. Inside her now he’s buried deep, in warm wet walls which start to weep The loving fluid that will ease, his throbbing member as it starts to tease. As the swollen ridge around its head, slides fore and back excitement fed. Her legs and arms slip softly round, his body which has quickly found, Its rhythm as it slides so deep, inside her body she wants to keep. The throbbing flesh inside her core, buried there for ever more. Their sighs grow loud and grips grow tight, as he thrusts with all his might. His falling hips they drive him home as hers raise up to meet his own. The soft wet slap of flesh on flesh as thrusting loins with each other mesh. As passion rises, walls tight grip, they’ll be no chance for him to slip, He must remain inside her core, driving home forever more. Their sighs now change to feral groans, as speed builds up each of their moans. Cry out a lusty erotic tale of all the senses that now assail Both bodies locked upon the bed, suffused with blood loves passion red. Their bodies spasm, buck and heave the building tension will not leave. But grows and grows inside them still, it troughs and peaks and climbs until, Feelings felt by both inside, explode, and now they start to ride, The roiling, rolling spasms deep, the thrilling journey they wish to keep, Forever more inside each other, sharing passion with another. Their bodies now toss on the bed, control has gone all senses fled. Her calf’s lock tightly round his thighs, as orgasmic bliss reach greater highs. Tightly clutched each one to one, their bodies will ride until its gone. Her screams, his groans now reach a peak, its here, the passion they did seek. Her oily walls around him spasm as he is buried in the chasm, Of her pulsing passage gripping tight around his lance with all her might. As deep inside it throbs with need, pulsing out his hot wet seed. Flooding at her very core as her body milks him wanting more. But like all things this act must end, they’ve reached the peak, turned round the bend Exhausted bodies now softly lie as deep inside she feels him die. His once strong lance no more aroused, his urgent passion now been doused. But still she lays there, soft sweet hisses, as on her eyelid’s soft warm kisses, Rain down, and then they find her lips a slow caress, some gentle nips, Although the urgent passion’s left, neither lover feels bereft As they lay in their lovers hold they know that now they’ve left the cold They know that passion does not die with age, it clearly is a lie It’s there for all time each to seek, as they lay there cheek to cheek. Such tender memories they will keep as tired bodies drift off to sleep. The loud dawn chorus of the birds was the sweetest sound she ever heard. Drawing her from pleasant sleep, awakening memories she would keep. Of the nights passion to soon ended, but such an act to be remembered. His soft warm body she could feel, down her back from thigh to heel, As he cuddled her to him against his chest, seeing out his time of rest. She sighed a sigh of sweet content, it seemed that this was ever meant. They had put their feelings to the test, experienced passion of the best. Now what they had done that very night, she wondered was it really right? Could it be a single fling, just a sexual meeting, no big thing? Or would he seek if just once more, the pleasure they had had before? His breath felt warm against her neck, What could that be, dare she check? A rising hardness at her back, between her cheeks, against the crack. A heated pulsing growing strong, singing out an age old song, Of sexual need so burning bright, which had sustained them through the night. Her loins they tingled, dampness grew. It’s what she needed, that she knew. Her hand slipped over her rising hip, sliding down to take a grip, Around his warm, firm throbbing pole that had warmed her very soul. Her fingers clasped around his shaft, pumping up and down his haft. Softly building his desire, slowly lighting up the fire. That soon she hoped would take them each, yet now it seemed so out of reach. The treasure that lay between her thighs, now was wet, that’s no surprise. It pulsated with a desperate need to take him in her, complete the deed. Now she knew she would not rest, as she felt him cup all of her breast. His caress so slow and gently done, he had no fear, the race was won. Her body against his own did twist, allowing nipples to be kissed. Breasts growing firmer, nipples swell, as he mouths each one their tale they tell. Of building need down deep inside, of all the things that must be tried. Her right knee bends leg raises up, as she guides him to her cup, His swollen head now slides and slips between her wet excited lips. Searching for her entrance way, it's down that path his pleasure lay. Across her face a smiling grin, she pushes back and draws him in. His burning rod pushes deep and wide, her clasping walls draw him inside. On his left arm her head it lays, her mind a fug of erotic haze. His hand caresses her soft breasts as his right slips down and slowly rests. Upon her wet and so hot mound, fingers sliding until it's found. Once more the guardian at her door, swollen slippery and what’s more. The very centre of her nerves, with erotic signals her body serves. His finger slides caress and rubs the thrilling button that is the hub, Of her passion rising slow as back and forth their hot loins go. His lance thrusts in her time again, almost driving her insane, Her passage squeezing then at ease, his taught rod stroking, there to please. His swollen head abrades her walls, with rising lust she softly calls, For him to thrust more quickly there, she needs it now and does not care. His hand on nub, lance buried there, her body stroked most everywhere. Her body can no longer ride, the rolling, churning shocks inside, He grasps her hips in both his hands and with one thrust he proudly stands Inside her deep and churning core, sucking at him more and more, groaning out in sexual need, his organ pulses, spraying seed, Deep inside her burning cup, his spurting liquid fills her up Her lungs scream out with her desire, to quench at last this burning fire. All consuming shocks devour, burning at her lady’s bower. She feels him slowly pulse away, her shivers greet the light of day. As the sun lifts shining bright, to drive away the dark of night. She once more lays in sated rest, she’d given all, he’d stood the test. What lay ahead now neither knew, a swift goodbye or fond adieu. It mattered not, they had had their fill of love’s sweet pleasure, now lust stood still. #YQbaba #blind #date #the #meeting #erotic #poem

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